Hale Education Group is the GCC’s Leading Independent Educational Consultancy Focusing on US University Admissions

 Established in the summer of 2015, Hale Education Group strives to cultivate and guide the holistic development of students, helping them to achieve their fullest potential through the empowerment of American higher education.


Founded by Managing Director, Peter Davos, Hale mentors and guides students through intensive, one-on-one counseling from Grade 9 onwards. The company focuses on finding creative and academic outlets for their students’ interests and their work culminates with their assistance in helping them apply to leading American universities based on the philosophy of finding the right “fit.” To date, Hale has helped students secure entrance to over 150 leading US universities, including all the Ivy League universities, Stanford, University of California campuses, and CalTech, and receive over 100 Million AED in merit scholarships.

Hale’s Education Consultants provide bespoke guidance and are graduates of leading US universities such as Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Pomona, and Tufts.

Peter Davos, Managing Director of Hale Education Group, commented: “For parents and students alike, the US university application process can be overwhelming. At Hale, we work with students as early as Grade 9 and strongly advocate starting at this age, as US universities will assess all four years of students’ high school academic and extracurricular records. We help families look beyond the rankings and examine universities from a qualitative perspective. There are over 3,000 institutions of higher learning in the US and creating a list of the right schools for each and every student is one of the most important tasks we undertake.”

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Davos, who is a first generation college graduate with a double major from John Hopkins University, is widely considered to be the authority on US University admissions in the region. He has completed the General Course at the London School of Economics, Master’s Degrees from Oxford University and Harvard University, as well as a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA.

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Key topics that Peter Davos, General Manager of Hale Education Group, can discuss

  • The US university admissions process explained
  • What does it really take to get into an Ivy League university
  • How students should create a balanced college list
  • Academic vs extra-curricular activities – what makes a successful application
  • Summer internships and extra-curricular activities – what to choose and when to apply
  • Preparing for college – students and parents
  • Debunking myths about US universities what is an Ivy League university? What do the university rankings really mean?
  • The cost of studying in the US and how to obtain scholarships

Student testimonials

“I have emerged from the process with acceptances to all my top choice universities and, perhaps more importantly I have also emerged with a heightened confidence in myself. Their optimism is contagious. What Hale does is far from tangibles – such as putting together a college list and helping you focus your essays – instead they transform the application process into on of self-discovery and aspiration,” Derek Lee (Mexico) British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi commented.

Derek was accepted to many top American universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown, and received full tuition merit scholarships from Boston University and Fordham University.

“The Hale team has helped me plan out each and every aspects of my journey that is the college application, leaving no stone unturned. Mr Davos and his team did a really good job at not only helping me with my application, but also making me more intellectually curious. With Hale I have found new academic interest that I am keen to pursue at an undergraduate level. None of what I have accomplished would have been possible without Hale.”

Shehryar Haris, John Hopkins University Class of 2020.




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