Abyat : A fusion of the Levant flavours

Residents of Dubai should prepare themselves for a new flavor in town as Abyat is now open on the Club Vista Mare strip at The Palm Jumeirah.

Abyat, the Levant-themed restaurant, fuses mouth-watering tastes of the Middle East kitchens of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine, with an exciting traditional-meets-modern twist. Deliciously varied and beautifully presented in a home-style of cooking, the dishes burst with flavors of traditional Arabic aromas and flavors, while the beverage menu offers a wide selection of spirits and juices.

Subtly surrounded by a panoramic view of the city’s skyline on the horizon, Abyat is perfectly positioned on the beachfront to offer its customers indoor and outdoor seating, with the choice of shisha to accompany their meals and drinks.

Specialties include Pomegranate Hummus – velvet purée chickpea with pomegranate seeds and olive oil, Kabab Karaz (cherry kabab)- char-grilled lamb meatballs slow cooked with cherry sauce and cinnamon, topped with parsley and fried pine nuts, Surrat Abyat  – oven baked, thin Arabic pastry stuffed with rice, green peas and lamb cubes, Tharid – a traditional Arabian island dish made with grilled kafta on soaked pita bread of tomato sauce and garlic yoghurt, garnished with fried eggs, parsley and pine nuts, and Madlouka – cooked kunafa dough topped with pistachio and the Arabic cream Ashta.

“In Arabic, we say ‘Bayte, Baytak’, which means my home is your home. We aim to bring back the simplicity of old times, and cook Levant food the way it was initially intended to be made – simple, palatable, filling and any reason to gather around the kitchen table”, says Chef Mohamed Jamal, Head Chef at Abyat.

The name ‘Abyat’ translates from the Arabic meaning of the word poetry, with the turquoise-themed decor complimenting the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. Such details can be seen in the lyrics printed in the menus, the art pieces hung on the walls, the literature that gently adorn the venue, as well as the timeless music that plays in the background – from the likes of Fairuz to Farid Al Atrash.

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About Abyat

Abyat is one of the seven restaurants on the newly open Club Vista Mare strip on Palm Jumeirah. Operated by Ginza Hospitality Group, it serves food in the style of traditional Middle Eastern home cooking and aims to combine food and timeless music that will bring guests back to the peaceful days of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine.

Abyat is located on the Vista Mare Strip on the Palm Jumeirah and is open seven days a week, Sunday to Thursday from 12pm-1am, Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm-2am.

For more information, visit www.abyatdubai.com or call 04. 558.8428

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