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With healthy-eating certainly no longer just a fad and a fitness epidemic taking over our social feeds, Talabat has you sorted with delicious dishes that come served without the guilt trip.

Sometimes, finding a cheap and healthy alternative to that pizza or burger can feel like a complete minefield. Whether you are lactose-intolerant, gluten doesn’t agree with you, or you simply want to wake up with a flatter stomach, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a mouth-watering meal that won’t have you slaving over a hot stove for hours, right? Wrong.


A Gluten-free Zone

A protein found in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats, there are varying levels of gluten intolerance that range all the way to the all-consuming coeliac disease – a condition that means gluten damages the lining of the small intestine, interfering with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. While it’s not so serious for gluten-intolerant suffers, the bloating that can occur from eating a delicious bowl of creamy pasta isn’t nice for anyone. But fear not, loyal foodies, as Talabat is here to help with these health-savvy menu options:



·         800 Pizza

One of the best gluten free pizza and pasta deliveries in Dubai, all menu choices come with the option to upgrade minus gluten.

Try: Bresola & Rocket Pizza on gluten-free base with tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella and parmesan shavings, Dhs49


·         Skinny Genie

Not only is everything gluten free on this healthy food concept’s menu – yes, everything – but they also use local organic fruits and vegetables where possible, replacing fat with homemade fruit compote. There’s baked good, muffins, salads, desserts and much more.

Try: Grain-fed chicken breast homemade pesto sandwich with sundried tomato, parmesan, lettuce and low fat mayo, Dhs32


·         Wokyo Noodle Bar        

Take the stress out of ordering Chinese by substituting those starchy noodles for gluten free vegetable fried rice, rice stick noodles or glass noodles. And if you opt for the Jakarta Sambal Goreng sauce, you’ll have a fully vegan dish. What’s not to love?

Try: Rice stick noodles in Jakarta Sambal Goreng sauce with chicken, bean sprouts, baby corn and pak choi, Dhs45


·         Burgerfuel

Think gourmet burgers without the price tag, this is luxury fast food at its finest. And if you can’t eat the bun, this thoughtful eatery offers an upgrade to a ‘low carborator’ option, which is more like a lettuce wrap taco with all the delicious fillings but without the calories!

Try: Mushroom Meltdown Low Carborator burger with smashed beef, Swiss cheese, mushroom, Tuscan seasoning, relish, salad and aioli, Dhs38

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Over The Moo

Milk, ice-cream, cake, cookies…did we mention cake?? While it may seem like everything that is delicious in the world contains dairy, going without is easier than ever these days. If you are allergic or intolerant, there’s no denying the havoc that dairy wreaks on our skin, digestive system and waistlines, so next time opt for one of these options instead and show your body some love.


·         Munch Box

We can get behind a concept completely focused on snacks, especially when they are this healthy and delicious. Completely 100 per cent vegan, natural and free of artificial colorings, these yummy nibbles will satisfy your sweet tooth without destroying your diet.

Try: Chocalmonds Box containing almonds covered in dark chocolate, Dhs59


·         Kitchen Nation

Thanks to the people at Kitchen Nation, you no longer have to forgo indulgent breakfasts because of your intolerances. For gym bunnies, there’s a whole menu section dedicated to Fitness Fuel – think all different types of protein and veg – but it’s their dairy-free pancakes that get our vote.

Try: Peanut Raw Cocoa Protein Pancake, Dhs18


·         Jugo Juice

You’ll struggle to find a creamy smoothie that isn’t beefed up with milk or low-fat yoghurt. Luckily, Jugo Juice is full of them! From the safer classics to those designed to reboot and energize, you won’t struggle to get your five-a-day here.

Try: Abundant Acai with mango, blueberries, banana and cranberry juice, Dhs20


V for Vegan

All-vegan diets are having a moment right now. In fact we’re dubbing 2017 the year of the vegan, with trends showing steep rises in demand for non-dairy products and growth in meat alternatives. If you’re looking to continue ‘Veganuary’ for health benefits, animal welfare issues and/or environmental concerns, we know just the places to go…


·         Il Donaccino

Didn’t think vegan donuts were a thing? Well think again, as not only are Il Donaccino’s treats eggless, most are free from all other animal produce, too. Offering six different vegan donuts, there’s everything from original to apple cider glazed, so now you don’t have to forgo that sweet treat.

Try: Hello Berry snow sugar donuts filled with blueberry, Dhs6 each 


·         Kababji Grill

While there are many Lebanese restaurants and grills throughout the city, this firm favorite has more than its fair share of vegan options. We recommend opting for a selection of appetizers to share between a big group – think hummus with pine nuts, fattoush salad and perfectly-seasoned fries.

Try: Warak Inab – stuffed grape leaves flavoured with pomegranate syrup, Dhs26


·         Subway

Great news, guys – the veggie patty at this sandwich haven is now completely vegan. Made from mushrooms, onions, carrots, peppers, black olives and more, the Italian bread is also free from all animal produce, and you can top it with as many different veggies as you like.

Try: Veggie Patty on six-inch Italian bread with up to eight vegetable toppings, Dhs19


·         Freedom Pizza

While vegan pizzas are difficult to find in Dubai, there’s one place that does them, and does them well – Freedom Pizza. With vegan cheese that’s also free from soya and lactose, opt for a normal or skinny crust, as the gluten-free isn’t vegan friendly. Add your favorite veggies, top with vegan cheese and you’re good to go!

Try: Mother Earth Pizza with tomato sauce, artichoke, mixed bell peppers, cilantro, spinach, garlic, mushrooms and onions with vegan cheese, Dhs53


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