Three Design Secrets for Small Spaces

By Mohammad Abu Seer, Co-founder and Managing Director of Lamar Interiors L.L.C.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to interior decorating is designing for small spaces. Too much furniture can feel chaotic, the wrong colour can make it gloomy, and the wrong patterns can make it cluttered. With so many restrictions and obstacles, it is important for professional interior decorators to plan smart by making the best use of small spaces.

Co-founder and Managing Director of Lamar Interiors provides three clever tips that will help you maximize each square foot, regardless of size:

        I.            Filter, identify and prioritize the scale, proportion and requirements of the room

When it comes to planning, and designing for specific spaces, listing down all the functional requirements is very important. Filtering and prioritizing every inch of space can be handy. For example, identifying the functional use of a small living room will provide you with several answers. Is it space for entertaining guests or simply watching your favourite TV shows?  Secondly, you need to figure out what type of furniture/electronics are required for each of these functions. For instance, a TV will take precedence over a bookcase in the living room for someone looking for a space to relax and unwind.

      II.            Use neutral colours

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In most cases, people use the colours and patterns they like without understanding the effect of these on small spaces. The recommended options is to opt for lighter shades when it comes to smaller spaces, such as white, beige, blue, green, etc. This will help an illusion of more space than what it is. Another important tip is to avoid contrasts and the blend of different colours.

    III.            Multi-functional pieces of furniture

Using multifunctional or smart furniture is always advisable. For example, opt for a sofa bed instead of lounges or use medial tables with a several drawers instead of just a simple one. This will save you both money and space in the long run. It is also becoming very common to use foldable pieces of furniture, like dining tables, or drawers under the bed.

Utilizing the small space with smart furniture pieces is an art, and many companies are now providing multi-functional pieces of furniture.


About Lamar Interiors L.L.C.:
Lamar Interiors is a leading professional design practice consultancy services in the core disciplines of contracting, fit out services, project management in addition to interior design. Their dynamic design team delivers innovative design solutions with effective and efficient project coordination that extends over 13 years of professional expertise in Jordan and UAE.

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