Home Renovations That Will Increase Your Onsale Return

By Raniyah Ahmed

Property owners considering selling their home have countless ways to boost their property value. Renovating specific features of the home will enhance the perspective of prospective buyers.  Property owners planning to sell should acknowledge implementing these renovations considering the competitiveness in Dubai’s real estate market. This article lists specific home improvements strategies that will vastly enhance your property image, potentially increasing your return.

Kitchen Remodeling:

The kitchen is one of the most important features in a home. An impressively remodeled kitchen will positively influence the perspective of homebuyers. Home sellers should confirm with a real estate agent that the return from renovating the kitchen will exceed the cost. Renovating is useless if it will not increase your monetary value. Consider resurfacing the kitchen rather than replacing. Cabinet resurfacing is an affordable method that will give an updated look.  Paint existing cabinets and drawer fronts will enhance your kitchen’s image.

Remodel the Bathroom:

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A renovated bathroom is critical before listing your property for sale. Property owners must upgrade the bathroom countertops and sink if it appears old with visible cracks. Update the bathroom mirrors, faucet, sink, cabinets and lighting is critical. Repaint the bathroom with a light color. Lighter colors can make the bathroom seem larger than it is. The wall color in the bathroom does not need to match the color in other rooms in the house.  

Painting Ceilings and Walls:

Real estate agents can suggest interior design methods that will improve the room’s image and space. Make sure you select new pillows and furniture that harmonize with the wall colors.

Buyers typically examine walls and ceiling conditions, aiming to locate wall cracks and signs of roof damage. Fresh painting is an affordable and efficient method to cover any old stains or cracks throughout the house.  

Flooring Fixes:

Install new carpet where necessary. Old carpets are likely stained and affect the room’s scent. Confirm with a real estate specialist whether a wooden or carpet flooring is more appealing to homebuyers in your community. Prospective buyers will lose interests in properties featuring faded, stained, dirty and worn-out carpets.

Renovate the Property’s Front Yard:

Create a strong first impression for homebuyer by renovating the front of the property. A well-kept garden will leave a positive first impression for homebuyers. Pull the weeds, cut the bushes and plant fresh flowers. Add new house numbers and install a new mailbox. Finally, make sure there is plenty of outdoor lighting throughout the perimeter of the home.  


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