Keep your tummy – and waistline – happy with Right Bite Express meals under 500 calories

Striving to live a healthy, low-cal lifestyle?  You don’t really have to starve yourself, give up the food you love or settle for meals that taste bland.  With Right Bite Express, you’re sure to feel nourished and satisfied without derailing your fitness goals!

Right Bite Express is an on demand delivery service that allows you to enjoy good food anytime, anywhere. A service innovation by healthy meal plan pioneer Right Bite, the service makes healthy eating even more convenient as it takes out the need for a nutritional consultation or a commitment to a meal plan in order to enjoy the dishes.

There is a great variety of healthy dishes from the Right Bite Express menu, all of them jam-packed with nutrients yet incredibly flavourful.  The meals are designed by dietitians, calorie-counted and in perfect portion sizes, and crafted by culinary chefs – perfect choices for your health needs.  So whether you are trying to drop those extra pounds off your body or just want to eat healthy, these dishes under 500 calories from Right Bite Express are just what you need to keep both your tummy and waistline happy!


Grilled Chicken with Potato Mash

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Calories: 324

Lean muscle-building protein need not be boring with this juicy grilled chicken breast served with mashed potatoes and a light mushroom sauce.

Classic Beef Lasagna

Calories: 470

It’s comfort and flavour combined with this traditional Lasagna dish featuring lean minced beef, carrots, and mushrooms topped with light homemade cream sauce and low-fat mozzarella cheese.

Stir-fried Chicken Noodles

Calories: 386

Filling and delicious, this dish is a crowd-pleaser featuring chicken strips mixed with crunchy fresh vegetables and served with rice stick noodles and a garlic-soy sauce.

Thai Chicken Curry

Calories: 201

Enjoy a healthy blend of Asian flavours with Right Bite Express’ signature red curry with chunks of chicken and fresh veggies, served with either brown rice or quinoa.

Zoodle Bolognaise

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Calories: 221

This ingenious dish featuring Right Bite Express’ signature Bolognaise sauce over zucchini “noodles” topped with low-fat parmesan cheese is sure to satisfy your cravings for authentic Italian taste!


Right Bite Express offers delivery to most areas across Dubai. To order, call 800-RIGHTBITE (800 74448 2483).


About The Right Bite Nutrition Centre

Right Bite is a specialised centre for expert nutritional consultation and bespoke gourmet healthy meal delivery service.  A pioneer in advocating healthy eating habits, Right Bite is dedicated to helping customers achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through educated food choices, and by providing customised meal packages that are results-oriented, convenient and flavourful.  Right Bite works with the best medical and culinary experts to ensure that eating healthier becomes a way of life for its customers.

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