I’ve written about a bunch of great watches, but this is the one I wear to work every day — here’s why

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MVMT gunmetal chronoMVMTBefore I started writing for Insider Picks, I was not a regular watch-wearer.

I had a few hand-me-downs and an ironic calculator watch buried in a dresser somewhere, but through college I was never one to have a timepiece on my wrist.

Since entering the “professional world” and regularly showing up at an office, I have found watches commonplace among my coworkers, and since part of my job became writing about watches regularly, I started wearing one every day as well.

My watch of choice right now is this gunmetal chrono with a leather strap from MVMT. It’s the first watch I’ve spent a significant amount of time with (pun, I swear, unintended), and while wearing it over the past few months I think I have finally begun to understand why watches are a thing.

I originally thought wearing a watch was a statement of sorts. It was a subtle way of telling both yourself and the world around you, “I have places to be and specific times I’d like to be there by.” And while I still believe that to be true, to an extent, the functionality of watches is now very evident to me. Where I used to dismiss the need for a watch because I have a phone in my pocket at all times, I’ve found that there is a ton of value in not pulling your phone out every time you need to check the time.

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I’m confident I’m not alone in this, but a quick check of the time can turn into a Twitter check, which quickly can turn into a deep dive of Snapchat and a drain on my battery and data. By the time I escape the hypnotic internet void that is my 10GB data plan, I have to check the time again and am probably late to whatever I was checking the time for in the first place.

ZMVMTWith my watch, I simply glance down and I have the information I need right there without any outside interference. I know this might seem obvious, but it’s something that didn’t really click for me until I started wearing a watch consistently. And while I’ll admit that it took my brain a little while to get used to translating analog time again, after a few weeks my watch check was one fluid motion.

As for why I enjoy my MVMT piece so much, it comes down to style and simplicity. There are still a lot of popular watches out there that I don’t really “get.” There are some with overcomplicated faces and others with extremely BOLD numbering that seems to punch you in the face. I know some people enjoy these; they’re just not for me yet. My MVMT watch is sleek and simple. No numbers are necessary, just simple tick marks to help me find my bearings. While I don’t use the chronograph functionality, I like the color and depth it gives to the overall look. Also, at $135, it’s very affordable, especially when compared with some of its well-known counterparts.

The world of watches can be a bit intimidating to jump into, and, for me, that was a huge reason I delayed my first dive into the realm of wristwear. If you’re not a watch person yet but have been thinking about it for a while, I highly recommend buying a watch. It’s a simple tool and a fine accessory. And for anyone looking to invest in a first watch, the selection at MVMT is simple, stylish, and very affordable.

MVMT Gunmetal Chrono with Sandstone Leather Strap, $135.Or check out MVMT’s entire collection of watches here.

This article was originally published on 8/2/2016. 

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