Kiernan Shipka reveals the biggest difference between ‘Feud’ and ‘Mad Men’

The apple, as far as acting talent, actually fell pretty far from the tree back in 1962, when the tree was Bette Davis and the apple was her aspiring-starlet daughter B.D. 

Fortunately, Feud found an accomplished actress with the meta-skills to merely act like she was acting badly in Kiernan Shipka, who got her big break at age eight on AMC’s Mad Men.

Now 17, Shipka is one of the leading actresses of her generation, but as B.D.’s story reveals, not every wannabe star’s path to success is as clear as Shipka’s, even when they’re Hollywood royalty.

Born Barbara Davis Sherry to Davis and her third husband, artist William Grant Sherry — then adopted in infancy by the actress’ fourth husband and All About Eve co-star Gary Merrill — B.D. initially used the stage name B.D. Merrill during the period depicted in Feud. 

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