Asha’s Live Like a Maharaja – A Menu from the Royal Kitchens of India

Asha’s, the International chain of restaurants best known for its Indian contemporary cuisine, is back with their ‘Live Like a Maharaja’ due to its popularity and feedback from distinguished guests. The menu brings to the table food enjoyed by Indian royalty across dynasties and showcases 14 dishes that take inspiration from the royal kitchens of India, creating a spread fit for a king.


The new menu is both a visual and gastronomic treat that includes unique items like the Murg Mussalam, a slow-roasted chicken stuffed with egg, dry fruits and served on a bed of saffron-scented basmati rice. In fact, some historians claim that Ibn Battuta described this dish as a favourite in the court of Sultan Muhammad Ibn Tughlaq.  

Built around the legendary Indian artiste, Asha Bhosle, and her passion for cooking, Asha’s has expanded from one restaurant in Dubai to a series of successful award-winning restaurants across the Middle East and United Kingdom.

Asha’s menu reflects the very best of Indian cuisine and promises a truly memorable dining experience. It combines traditional North Western cuisine, Indian home-style cooking and new-age fusion selections that give authentic Indian dishes an innovative twist.

While many know Asha Bhosle to be a prolific singer – the ‘most recorded artist in music history’ in the Guinness Book of World Records, she is an equally talented cook, with a passion for experimentation. The restaurant menu also includes some of her signature dishes that have enthralled many Bollywood personalities, who say they experience the same magic in in her cooking as they do in her singing.

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The ‘Live Like a Maharaja’ menu will be available at Asha’s at Pyramids, Wafi from April 7, 2017 onwards for a short period. The menu is all set to take Asha’s innovative excellence in Indian food to the next level.


Find out more about Asha’s on, @Asha’s Original and Wafi Restaurants.

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