Cromia presents new camouflage designs

Cromia, the renowned leather goods brand from Italy, is delighted to present its new camouflage bags characterized by shades of black and grey.

Used for its striking designs, its ‘patterned disorder’ and its symbolism explore its artistic and fashionable design as means to make the visible invisible. Featuring a range of style and original design, Cromia offers practicality of handbags made with fine leather and is completely made in Italy.

While many trends emerge and fade, Cromia handbags continually resurface-for example, monochrome and studs in addition to camouflage – each time imbued with a new cultural resonance befitting the moment.

Camouflage evokes a lived-in (pioneered) look and is at one time was only a tool for military troops to go unnoticed, has become a front-and-center look in fashion. After its invention by the military in the early 20th century, camouflage was quickly appropriated by fashion and has repeatedly reemerged.

Cromia encapsulates trend not just for a single season but transcends time! So add a stylish touch in your outfits by just carrying your favorite Cromia Camouflage Handbag !


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