2017 Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising


If you run your own small business it can be difficult to know how to get best value for your marketing buck. You may not have the spending power to invest in billboards or mail drops – or indeed, to spend your marketing budget on a campaign that will be seen by thousands of people who may not be at all likely to become your customers. This is why Facebook Ads are such a savior for small businesses.

By allowing you to set your own budget and carefully curate a targeted demographic, you can make sure that you spend no more than you can afford and that every last cent is directed towards people who are likely to care about your brand.

What’s more, Facebook advertising is simple, intuitive, and requires no third party intervention (such as an advertising company or consultant). Of course, it is ideal if you can have someone in your team who is able to apply their marketing sense to a broad, carefully coordinated campaign; but if it’s just you, and you have no experience in marketing, Facebook Ads should not intimidate you.

There are five basic steps to getting your ad out there and monitoring its success. First you let Facebook know who you are and the aim of your campaign. Next you define your audience by age, gender, location, and the kinds of things they’re interested in on Facebook. Thirdly you set your budget, and how you want it to be spread across your campaign. Then all that’s left is to design the ad, which is quite straightforward: you find images or a video to capture your audience’s imagination, and just a few lines of text to encourage them to hit your ‘call to action’ button.

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The final stage is to sit back and watch the statistics add up on your Reports page.  This will give you a good idea how to do a better job next time around. But to get started, follow the simple guidelines in this infographic from Headway Capital. It’s just what your business needs to reach out to its next wave of customers.

Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising

Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising, courtesy of Headway Capital




Courtesy of Headway Capital

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