No More Excuses: How to Get Your Small Business on the Web Now


By Paul Peters, Content Marketer, Betterteam

In the past month, I’ve talked to 60+ clients who don’t have websites yet.
I think that for a lot of people the idea of getting a website for their business sounds like an expensive, time-consuming pain.
This was certainly true for a long time, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.
Over the last few years, multiple companies have been working hard to make it easier for small businesses to access tools that big companies use.
For example, there are many different types of payroll software that are easy to use and even free these days. There are also tons of marketing tools that can help you reach more customers.
Likewise, several different companies have been working to build platforms that can help you get online with a real website in a few hours.

Do You Really Need a Website?

Yes. Yes. Yes.
You need a website. No, it’s not good enough to just have a Facebook page either. Often times the first thing people do when they are looking for your business is a Google search.
When Google can’t find your business, guess what they’re likely to show? A competitor.
And without a website, you have no chance of catching any of the business that can come from local Google searches, for example, when people ask their phones where they can find “your product/service” + “your city/town.”
Ok, so maybe your business is the type that doesn’t need customers from Google search. I’m not sure what type of business fits into this category these days, but hypothetically, let’s say you don’t need or want customers from online searches. Do you hire people? Because most of the time potential employees are going to check out your website if they’re considering you as an employer.
On top of that, several of the major job boards won’t even allow you to post jobs if you don’t have a website to link to.
There are a lot of reasons for you to get online, and now there are no excuses for avoiding it.

How You can Build Your Website Today

Over the years I’ve used literally dozens of different website building platforms and applications.
About 10 years ago they were all pretty difficult. If you wanted to get online by yourself, you needed to be tech savvy to begin with, and be ready to work for at least a couple of days to build what would have amounted to a mediocre website.
Not anymore.
Several companies have learned from the intuitive design sense that Google, Apple, and Facebook have been leading the way on. They’ve created sites designed so that nearly anyone can jump on and create a website in a few minutes.
First, though, you’ll need to get a URL and hosting. The URL is the website address people will go to for your site. Hosting is the storage that allows anyone to access your site at any time of day.
Companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap and several others have made this part of the process really simple.
You may have to get a little creative these days when picking out your URL. There’s a chance that [yourcompany].com is taken. But you can try things like adding hyphens [your-company].com and adding locations [yourcompany-yourcity].com.
Once you’ve figured out the URL, you should be able to go through the process very easily to buy it, along with hosting, through the companies I listed above. Most of these companies have solid customer service, so you can get in touch if you get stuck at any point in the process.
Once you’ve done that, there are several different services you can choose from to build your website.
A few of the popular ones are Wix, Weebly, Strikingly, Squarespace, and WordPress. The first 4 I listed all have free trials you can sample. WordPress is perhaps a little harder to set up, but it’s completely free, and you’ll find a lot of online tutorials.
I’d check each of those out and see how it feels. If you start to get confused during the process, get in touch with their support. If that doesn’t work try one of the other services I listed.
I’m confident that any one of these can have you up and running with your own website in a matter of hours.

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