It’s going to be a windy and dusty weekend in Qatar

Shabina S. Khatri / Doha News

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Shabina S. Khatri / Doha News

Strong winds and sandstormy conditions are expected to stick around for the rest of the week in Qatar, local forecasters have said.

In some parts of the country, winds could reach up to 38 knots (70km/hour), the Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) said.

The ensuing dust and sand kicked up by the wind will cause visibility to drop to less than 2km, the MET added in a statement.

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Jun Ong/Flickr

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Jun Ong/Flickr

Residents should “be cautious” and avoid sea activities through Saturday.

On the bright side, temperatures have fallen back down to “normal” levels for this time of the year, and will reach a high of around 37C over the next few days.

Dust protection

With the rain behind us, now might be a good time to brush up on how to protect yourself and loved ones from all the sand that’s blowing around.

Health officials have previously advised those going outdoors to wear masks, avoid rubbing their eyes to prevent infection and to seek treatment if they have breathing difficulties.

Other advice includes:


Sandstorm health advice MET/Twitter

Will the weather affect your weekend plans? Thoughts?

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