Five minutes with Janardan Dalmia, CEO, Trukkin


Trukkin, the logistics hub, has launched a new cloud-based B2B platform that unites customers with shippers and truckers in the Middle East. In this exclusive interview with, Janardan Dalmia, CEO, Trukkin gives us an overview of their services.


Give us a brief background on Trukkin’s services and how it is simplifying commercial transport?

Trukkin is a B2B techno-logistic platform that connects Shippers and Transporters. We provide operational support with technology at its core to create transparency in the market and increase efficiency. Using technology, we have built products which are simple to use, our platform connects the shippers and transporters efficiently and offers features like real-time tracking and multilingual support which simplifies the commercial transport operations.

Technology jolted every industry. How did it help you improve your business?

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Technology is the core of our solution and it’s enabling us to simplify the transportation and logistics processes. We have built products using technologies like mobile apps, cloud computing & web technologies. Since our products are simple to use and provide excellent features, Shippers and transporters are seeing tremendous value in leveraging our products. We continue to invest in technology and strive to improvise our solutions to provide great value to our customers.

Where does it remain unsuccessful in taking over human intervention?

Our idea is not to eliminate human intervention, our strategy is to make the transportation processes simple and easy for humans to utilize.


How does the Trukkin cloud-based platform operate?

Trukkin offers two models for the shippers and transporters to choose from. The first one is a contract model where Trukkin provides transportation services for an agreed price for an agreed period. The second is a market place model where shippers can place their transportation requests on the Trukkin platform and transporters respond with their price to provide the service. Shippers can then select the transporter based on the price and quality rating to do the job. Trukkin provides best in class features like real-time tracking of shipments, user-friendly interface, and multilingual support.

Who can subscribe and use it?

Shippers (large companies, Small & Medium size companies, Individuals) and Transporters (Fleet Owners, Independent drivers) can register for free and leverage the services.

What are your plans for the next few years?

We want to strengthen our presence in the UAE and KSA and then grow further to the rest of the GCC countries. On the technology front, we continue to invest in technology and enhance our platform to simplify the transportation services.


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