Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions the sweet way with ‘Skinny Cakes’, the new healthy dessert by ICONS© Coffee Couture

ICONS© Coffee Couture, the German lifestyle coffee chain, brings to the nutrition scene its delicious ‘Skinny Cakes’, delectable soft cakes that are low on calories and high on fiber, protein and taste. If one is looking to switch to a healthier diet without compromising on their sugar palate, the flavorsome cakes are available in gluten-free, vegan, and low carb varieties.

The Skinny Cakes are a retake on the original cake varieties available at ICONS© with new and improved recipes that promise figure-friendly goodness. These cakes are available in delicate round shapes which can now be bought as three cookie or Skinny Cakes in a box, with a 10% discount on every purchase of three cakes in a box.

Commenting on the new Vegan Cakes launch, Elena Weber, Founder and CEO, ICONS© Coffee Couture, said, “In the wake of Veganuary – Go Vegan January, 2018 – we are happy to introduce our all-vegan Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream Sorbets, as well as, new delicious breakfast options such as vegan Granola, Fruit salads, Matcha Mango and Acai Smoothie Bowls. Not only are these made without dairy, animal by-products, but are free of refined sugars and processed ingredients. The new menu offerings are lower in calories and come with nutritious values, making them great alternatives for fitness-junkies with a sweet-tooth, but also everyone who likes to enjoy sweet life. Besides we are glad to welcome Almond-Coconut Milk, as a second plant-based option, to our menu next to Soy milk. We look forward to a compassionate and healthy 2018!”

One can also enjoy the Skinny Cakes along with a scoop of the best sugar-free ice creams in town by ICONS©. Enjoy these delectable delights with a fresh Juice,  Frozen Mood Boost or Ice Cream Frappe, all made with high quality ingredients and without any refined sugars!

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Icons© Skinny Cakes include

  1. Lemon Coconut (361 kcal, Protein 4.5g, 16.5g Fiber)
  2. Gluten-free Chocolate Cake (275 kcal, Protein 5.4g, Fiber 21g)
  3. Vegan Chocolate Cake (234 kcal, Protein 4.2g, Fiber 18.7g)
  4. Low-carb Gluten-free Matcha Cheese Cake (291 kcal, Protein 9g, Fiber 21g)
  5. Low-Carb Gluten-free Cheese Cake (289 kcal, Protein 8.6g, Fiber 21g)
  6. Low-Carb Gluten-free Cinnamon Cheese Cake (290 kcal, Protein 8.5g, Fiber 21.3g)
  7. Gluten-free Hazelnut Beetroot cake (290 kcal, Protein 8.6g, Fiber 21g)
  8. Carrot Cream Cake (289 kcal, Protein 8.6g, Fiber 21g)
  9. German Apple Crumble (373 kcal, Protein 5.1g, Fiber 23g)
  10. Gluten-free Macadamia Brownie (257 kcal, Protein 3.5g, Fiber 23.8g)

The healthy café chain offers all its desserts and drinks sweetened the natural way with either Agave, Honey, Dates, Stevia or other sugar substitutes, making their entire menu the guilty-free treat of a health buff with a sweet tooth.

The Skinny Cakes are available in UAE at ICONS© stores at World Trade Centre and Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina, Deerfields Mall and Abu Dhabi Ladies Club in Abu Dhabi, Julphar Towers and Al Hamra Mall in Ras Al-Khaimah, Alain Ladies Club and Hazza Stadium in Al Ain, and in Sahara Center, Sharjah with more branches under construction.

Since the café concept has started to franchise, its growth has been continuous around the GCC and Europe.  The chain is now available in 6 countries and counting, including Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Austria.

About Icons Coffee Couture: ICONS© Coffee Couture is a Fashionable Coffee Franchise Concept, created by German Model Elena Weber accompanied by a team of fashion lovers and motivated professionals. The concept borrows heavily from the latest trends in the fashion industry and strives to promote a healthy, but joyful lifestyle amongst its clientele with organic coffees, fresh juices, skinny cakes, nutritious waffle burgers and German breakfast platters.



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