Hologic Commits to Improving Women’s Health


Breast Cancer continues to be a major health concern for women in the Middle East primarily due to delayed diagnosis of the disease. InBusiness.ae speaks to Rozina Camarudin, Senior Director Marketing, Breast & Skeletal Health Europe, Middle East and Canada, Hologic, about their latest technologies that are helping women detect and reduce cancer morbidity and mortality.


Give us a brief background on Hologic and its presence in the GCC.

Hologic, Inc. is an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and well-being through early detection and treatment. We have been offering our products across all GCC countries since the 1990s when the first Hologic system was installed in the region.  The GCC is an important focus for us. This is reflected in our decision to create our Dubai office in 2014.

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Why your mission is dubbed ‘The Science of Sure’?

As a leading global healthcare and diagnostics company, we strive to make advances toward greater certainty for our customers by providing them with cutting-edge technology that makes a real difference. We move to narrow the gap between doubt and confidence and work to achieve both incremental and transformational progress to improve patients’ lives.

We are passionate and resolute in our purpose; we call it The Science of Sure. This ethos is extended throughout our core offerings: Breast & Skeletal Health, Diagnostic, GYN Surgical and Medical Aesthetic Solutions. We believe it is our responsibility to offer our customers ever-greater certainty – what we call progressive certainty – by pushing the boundaries of science.

How are your helping women improve their health?

As a champion of women’s health, we deliver life-changing and life-saving diagnostic, detection, surgical and medical aesthetic products that are rooted in science, driven by technology and inspired by our desire to empower women and help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat their patients with growing certainty, precision and ever-greater peace of mind. Hologic has had a greater impact on breast cancer, cervical cancer and reproductive health than any other company in the world. Our company was built on the understanding that early detection of illness saves lives.

Based on your diagnostic solutions, what are the common diseases that women in this region are combating today?

Screening and early, accurate detection of breast cancer are important in reducing the impact of breast cancer in the region.[i]  The importance of routine testing for cervical cancer was also highlighted earlier this year in a recent initiative for cervical cancer month by the Dubai Health Authority. Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer with routine screening, but in 2016, it was the fourth most prevalent cancer in Abu Dhabi. A recent survey by the Dubai Health Authority found that that one in two women had never a smear (Pap) test and that two out of three women have not had a Pap smear in the last five years.

Our diagnostic, detection and surgical systems can help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat their patients with growing certainty, precision and ever-greater peace of mind.

You have recently launched a new technology for breast biopsy and screening, can you tell us more about it?

We have recently launched our 3DimensionsÔ mammography system and our BreveraÒ breast biopsy system.

The 3DimensionsÔ mammography system, the fastest, highest resolution breast tomosynthesis system ever, enables clinicians to scan for anomalies in women’s breasts.[ii] It offers a variety of groundbreaking features designed to provide higher quality 3DÔ images for radiologists, enhanced workflow for technologists, and a more comfortable mammography experience, with low-dose options, for patients. The 3Dimensions system also includes the new SmartCurveÔ breast stabilization system, which is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram without compromising image quality, workflow or dose.

Our BreveraÒ breast biopsy system with CorLuminaÒ imaging technology is used to take breast biopsies of identified anomalies. This is a groundbreaking real-time breast biopsy and verification system that improves the patient experience and streamlines the biopsy process from start to finish. The first-of-its-kind, it is designed to increase biopsy accuracy with real-time imaging that delivers valuable information at the point of care, enabling clinicians to make informed decisions with confidence.

Designed for 2D and 3DÔ breast biopsy, the innovative system allows clinicians to perform fast and efficient procedures that save costs and improve the patient experience.[iii]  The new product represents another major advance in Hologic’s ongoing efforts to improve patient satisfaction and workflow in the biopsy suite.

It is used in combination with our Affirm Prone, the first dedicated prone biopsy system capable of both 2D and 3D™ imaging-guided breast biopsies.  Thousands of clinicians worldwide have trusted prone patient positioning for breast biopsy as it supports the patient stably throughout the procedure while isolating them from the biopsy needle. This provides a better overall patient experience.


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How important this is for women in the UAE?

As explained earlier, screening and early, accurate detection of breast cancer is important in reducing the impact of breast cancer in the region. Our systems help to accurately identify and take samples of anomalies in women’s breasts. Women and their clinicians can be assured that Hologic’s deliver systems that are rooted in science, driven by technology and inspired by our desire to empower women and help healthcare professionals diagnose and treat their patients with growing certainty, precision and ever-greater peace of mind.


How do you plan to keep on advancing diagnostic products?

The sustainable, global growth of our business is driven by the aspirations of our employees; the robust products and technologies we create; and the business strategies we implement to ensure that our products are accessible to healthcare professionals and patients everywhere.  None of this would be possible without the talent and passion of our employees. Together, our expertise and dedication to developing and sharing more robust, science-based certainty drivers our increasingly global presence and a promising pipeline that responds to the unmet health and wellness needs of women, families and communities. While we focus on women’s health and well-being, we are committed to having an even broader benefit on the world. Together we advocate for better health and wellness through solutions that provide even-greater certainty and peace of mind.

In breast health, we are continuing to drive innovation to provide high-quality mammograms for physicians, supplying them with the most accurate information. For patients, we are delivering minimally invasive biopsy solutions that enable improved patient experience without clinical compromise. In gynecological health, Hologic is determining the future, so that patients no longer need to suffer emotional stressful, painful – even life-altering- gynecological medical conditions. In diagnostics, we are committed to developing new diagnostics that address the unmet health needs, especially in women.


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[ii] Data on file.

[iii] 3D biopsy only when used with the Affirm breast biopsy system.

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