A look at the scandalous royals who were forced to give up their titles for love

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While not too many have done it since the infamous King Edward VIII, there are some notable royals who have been forced to renounce their titles after marrying commoners.
Other royals, such as the first-born son of Crown Princess Mette-Marit, have simply left public life behind in search of privacy. 
From Japan’s Princess Mako to Dutch Prince Johan Friso, these are the royals who risked everything for love. 

Being a royal means you have money with your face on it, an endless selection of glittering tiaras to choose from (or fascinators, if that’s more your style) and the ability to plan the most elaborate, expensive wedding of your wildest dreams. So why do some royals give it all up for life as a normal person?

Of course, the most infamous royal to renounce his title was King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne when he married rebellious American divorcée Wallis Simpson, leading up to The King’s Speech. After that particular scandal, complete with controversial Nazi ties, fewer royals have given up their titles to live as commoners.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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