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nVent Electric plc (nVent), a global leader in electrical connection and protection solutions, recently announced the completion of its separation from Pentair plc (Pentair) and its launch as an independent, publicly traded company. The company’s innovative electrical solutions help maximize customer efficiency, improve utilization, lower installation costs as well as the total cost of ownership and minimize downtime. speaks to Helmi Srour, Regional Director, IMEA, nVent about this new phase and their presence in the Middle East.

What does the separation from Pentair plc mean to nVent?

This move creates a better opportunity for us to realize our full growth potential. If you look at the performance of our electrical business, we’ve gone from a $550 million business in 1996 to a $2.1 billion today. Before we made the split, we knew there were opportunities for steady global growth in key markets. Now, as a smaller and more focused company, we can increase the speed at which we bring our brands to these markets.

But this new company is ultimately not about us. It’s about our customers. As a dedicated electrical company, nVent can fully focus its talent and efforts on understanding customer needs in different global vertical markets and delivering inventive solutions that meet those needs.

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What is your new mission?

At nVent, we believe that safer systems ensure a more secure world. We connect and protect our customers with inventive electrical solutions. Simply put, we help customers connect and protect their electrical systems.

Now, our more than 9,000 global employees can work even more closely with our customers in the UAE and elsewhere. This will help us understand their needs and respond with valuable solutions across our three, industry-leading business segments: Enclosures, Thermal Management, and Electrical and Fastening Solutions.


Tell us about your main activities in the UAE.

We already have a solid presence in the UAE. Our Enclosures, Electrical Fastening Solutions and Thermal Management business segments have strong positions in the country’s energy and industrial markets. But now, as a dedicated electrical company, we can recommit our talent and focus to also help customers in new UAE vertical markets, like commercial, infrastructure, and water and waste water.


What key values drive your business in this region?

In line with our global values, we focus on helping our customers be more productive and protect their valuable equipment. We strive to help customers reduce operational costs through innovative, connected and sustainable solutions.

Are there any particular challenges that you face here?

Our supply chain is complex, which can create challenges in communicating to end users about our products. So, we work hard to explain the value of our products and create opportunities for dialogue with our end users.  

How important is it for nVent to be at the forefront of innovation?

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Innovation has always guided what we do and how we help our customers. For more than a century, our inventive products have provided solutions to customers. See this page for examples.

What is your expansion strategy in this region?

We have identified the Middle East as one of our developing regions. Therefore, we will be giving our partners in the region access to more of our product portfolio. We will also be improving our velocity to more quickly respond to customers’ needs in the region.


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