10 details you might have missed on the latest episode of ‘Westworld’

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Westworld” season two, episode nine, “Vanishing Point.”

The penultimate episode of HBO’s second season of “Westworld” came out guns blazing with a horrifying storyline centered on the increasingly paranoid William. After he shot and killed his own daughter Emily, believing her to be a host Ford was using to mess with him, William seemed more uncertain than ever about the reality of his surroundings.

Is he a host? (“Westworld” actress Katja Herbers tells INSIDER that it’s not likely). What’s the deal with his obsession with his forearm? What the heck is the Forge?

Let’s see if we can’t answer some of these important questions before heading into the second season finale. Keep reading for a look at 10 details you might have missed on Sunday’s “Westworld.”

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Several times throughout the episode, including the flashbacks to a time before Ford gave William his Westworld profile, William touched his forearm.

This seemed to imply that William has been growing increasingly more paranoid long before Ford’s death and the beginning of “The Door” game. But when Ford was placed inside the Cradle and able to control hosts and speak to William, things certainly got worse for our Man in Black.

William’s obsession with his forearm mirrors a critical scene with Dolores on the first season.

On season one, episode five, “Contrapasso,” Dolores entered a room only to discover “herself” (it was really her subconscious mind projecting itself). 

“What’s wrong with me?” Dolores asked her doppelganger across the table.

“Perhaps you are unraveling,” the dress-clad Dolores replied while looking pointedly at Dolores’ arm.

Dolores then saw a small thread poking out of her forearm, right at the wrist. She pulled on it, revealing a wire coming out of her body. 

Then there’s the fact that William’s scan from the Delos QA showed up as “clear” — indicating that he’s definitely human.

We knew from the first season and Maeve’s escape plan that each host has an explosive device embedded in their spine that detonates if they leave the park perimeters. Maeve’s workaround for this was having her body completed destroyed in a fire inside the park, and then Felix and Sylvester rebuilt her without the explosive.

This leaves open the possibility that William (if he is a host) is a type of build designed to deceive any test the QA folks have set up — like that scanner — and continue passing as human.


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