Tips to prepare your car for those long summer journeys, by CarSwitch

Dubai, UAE: With summer breaks in full swing, it’s time to finally plan that road trip to explore UAE’s sand dunes! have put together top tips to stay ahead of some of things that could leave you stranded, from air conditioning to engine cooling systems:

  1. Inspect engine’s cooling system: Some budding problems may have not fully manifested themselves into breakdowns just yet, so before you hit the road get your car checked. Small leaks in your radiator to improper coolant levels, yes coolant not water, could spell for disaster. Just in case you do run out of luck, and your temperature warning light flicks on, immediately turn off the AC and stop the car before larger costly problems arise.
  2. Replace your Car Battery: Your engine’s heat combined with blistering summer temperatures can weaken your car battery. If your battery is more than 3 years old or you see signs of corrosion on the car battery’s terminals, get it replaced as soon as possible. Keep up with regular maintenance using this handy calendar.
  3. Service Car AC unit: Generally, recommends you get your car’s air conditioning unit inspected and serviced every spring to make sure it keeps up with summer months. In case you missed it this year, have someone look for any refrigerant leaks or other issues that can cut the cooling power of your AC.
  4. Tint car windows: While little can make up a good air conditioning unit, high grade tinting can certainly help you stay cooler. Consider rear and side windows tinting, maybe even an additional top strip for the front, with high heat resistance
  5. Check Car tires: Your car’s tires are in direct contact with the road, which is constantly being baked by the Dubai sun. Check for bulges and cracks and replace old tires because they are more likely to blow in the summer heat. Don’t forget to also check your spare tire! Worn-down tires can seriously compromise your safety.

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