Calorie Conscious? Snack on 100 kcals with Organic & goodies

Whether we are working remotely, in pods, cubicles or our own spaces – snacking at the desk is an unavoidable sin. Cue some of the healthiest delicacies from new organic e-store, Organic &

With a mission to make organic food the first choice of consumers, and make it all easily available under one roof, Organic & has today announced the launch of its online food store. The company aims to deliver organic food to every corner of the world, encouraging a healthier and happier switch. Educating everyone on the benefits of clean eating, the company aims at securing the welfare of the coming generations. The online store offers a comprehensive range of authentic and certified organic food products, providing an infinitely more convenient option for all shopping needs, with a first-of-its-kind option to source healthy food from any part of the world.

 “My quest for sampling varied cuisines across different countries formed the base of what Organic& is today. I have always been a big foodie, but it is during my experience running our family’s hospital that I realized what the currently available industrially-produced food was doing to our health. Diabetes and cancer became commonplace, and all this could be traced back to the dangerous chemicals used in industrially-farmed food. That is when I decided to embark on a mission to offer safe and healthy choices of food products for everyone,” said Manu Mahdi, the founder of Organic&


Looking for a nutritious snack without the extra calories? Here’s a guide to the top 5 best products at Organic&

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs [Cheese & Love]: Crunchy and delicious, these high-protein and fibre pack of cheesy fingers comes in a good 78g pack and has all of 90 calories for the health-conscious snackers to indulge in. Price: AED 15.75


Generous Charlotte Chocolate Cookies With Hazelnut And Fleur De Sel[40g]: These completely organic cookies pack less than 50 calories a cookie despite the great taste. Price: AED 13.75Colette Coco Organic Biscuits, Generous 100g Coconut Cookies: One day, Colette was resting under a tree and a coconut fell on her head. Just like Newton with the apple, it gave her a brilliant insight: there is too much gravity, the world should be lighter! So, she collected the funniest looking coconuts and turned them into cookies, so light and full of joy that they float into your mouth and lift your spirit. Price: AED 26.25

Bonvita Rice Milk Rice Cakes: The classic original – organic chocolate rice milk cakes in a 6 pack. Gluten free, lactose free, egg free, wheat free, cruelty free and vegan friendly! Price: AED 12.50

Le Moulin Du Pivert Tentation The Vert Matcha Cookies [130g]: The secret of this new biscuit is the original alliance of Matcha green tea with traditional organic ingredients: ground wheat flour at the Montricoux family mill (Tarn-et-Garonne), a fresh butter Brittany, a tip of lemon juice concentrated for the taste, unrefined fair cane sugar, all coated with a good fair-trade milk chocolate (42%) from the Dominican Republic. Price: AED 24

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