DAILY FLIGHT BETWEEN DUBAI AND LYON « Good news for the international glow of Lyon! »

The Dubai carrier Emirates has recently announced adding two more flights to Lyon, raising the frequency between the two cities to seven per week.  Linking the two cities with daily flights is a big move and a powerful boost to the bilateral exchanges.  The attractiveness of Lyon as a metropole is thus stronger than ever and the partner cities are boosting their close relationship.

« Daily air links towards Dubai is an excellent news for both Lyon Airports and the Metropole of Lyon. Now, more than ever, travel is becoming more flexible with optimum transit between Lyon, the Middle East and Asia. Thanks to those daily flights, Lyon is becoming a valuable international hub. » says David Kimelfeld, President, Metropole of Lyon.

Flights from Lyon to Dubai will increase to seven flights per week, from August 2nd 2018, boosting the ever-strengthening ties with Dubai, initiated over the past years. The increasing frequency of flights also helps raise awareness towards economic players and partners of OnlyLyon who have invested in the promotion of Lyon as a destination.
The cooperation agreement with the City of Dubai, signed in 2006, aimed to boost exchanges between the two communities in diverse fields, ranging from urban transit, public lighting, services to individuals, smart cities and mobility.  In 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Metropole of Lyon and the Road and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA).  The thriving relations between Dubai and Lyon have led to a cultural cooperation, culminating with the First Edition of the Dubai Festival of Lights in 2014, while the city of Lyon undertook the artistic direction.
Such ties and good relations have prospered since the launch of the flights between Lyon and Dubai, in 2012 by Emirates.

This announcement is a timely topic as the Metropole of Lyon and its different players will participate in the Dubai World Expo 2020. Back to 2013, the City of Lyon strongly supported Dubai’s bid for the world Expo.

ONLYLYON is Lyon’s international brand name, to promote the city of Lyon on the international scene. Created in 2007, by 13 major institutions of the metropole committed internationally, this pioneering organization is now powered by 30 public and private partners with similar goals: boost the image and promote the attractiveness of Lyon and its region across the world.  www.onlylyon.com



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