The Image Promotion Coordinator at this major conglomerate tells us what’s in a logo

Alice Rodrigues, Coordinator of Abicalçados’ Image Promotion Unit, sits down with

Alice Rodrigues, Coordinator of Abicalçados’ Image Promotion Unit to talk about the all new brand identity of the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados), an international association and creator of the Brazilian Footwear program alongside Apex-Brasil.

The organization was created in 1983 and represents the more than seven thousand Brazilian footwear companies. Without losing its essence, its identity was modernized according to the minimalist trend. This is the first major visual identity shift for the brand since its 25th Anniversary in 2007.

The current updating follows a global trend of major world brands by simplifying its features and shapes. The new brand reflects an important moment, of looking at history and recognizing the work done, but it also highlights the beginning of a new period, in which the organization stresses its mission to represent, defend, develop, and promote its members in Brazil and all over the world.


IB: So, what’s the logo all about?

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A: Three main elements are part of the logo: the world, Brazil and a shoe. The reference to these elements has changed over the years, but they are still represented. Today, our logo shows shapes, colors and elements of the Brazilian flag, which together form a globe, as well as a shoe, if seen from a distance. The logo is minimalist, simple, modern and elegant, following international branding trends. These characteristics also accompany the management of the Association, which works with the an eye on the future, in a pioneering, innovative and non-conforming way, bringing to the companies of the sector new concepts and putting them into practice.


IB: Would it possible for you to give us a comparison between the logos and what has changed?

The evolution of the Abicalçados logo across the years.

A: The three main elements are represented in the three evolutions of the logo since the foundation of Abicalçados. However, the way to represent it has changed over the years, to actually represent the moment of the Association. Still, each one of the logos brought an air of innovation for the time. Now, the scenario is of practice, less bureaucracy and formality. We understand that the new logo brings this image, simpler and more direct, while maintaining the strength of the Association and the breadth and strength of its representation.


IB: How does the company see the logo change positively help the brand?

A: Abicalçados always follows the changes in the market, we keep updated and aligned with the global trends. Our new logo is a reflection of this, a more modern and dynamic association.


IB: What perception does the Logo change add to the brand Abicalçados?

A: The brand didn’t change completely, the history and original concept is still there. However, it looks modernized now, which sends the message we stay updated in terms of communication. This is fundamental for attracting new brands and showing we will take good care of them as much as we take care of our image.


IB: What is Abicalçados all about>?

A: Established in April 1983, the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) represents the country’s footwear industry, working in trade defense and in search of better competitive conditions for production in Brazil. The organization, headquartered in the city of Novo Hamburgo (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul), has footwear companies of all sizes and from all Brazilian states among its members. 

Abicalçados’ executive president is Heitor Klein, professional that has experience as superintendent-director of Fenac S/A and as executive director of the organization he now presides over. With a degree in Accounting from Universidade Feevale, Klein has a close relationship with the footwear industry. His fundamental claims are the protection of the national industry in both the domestic and international markets.  

Since 2000, Abicalçados has been performing international actions to promote Brazilian shoes, through the Brazilian Footwear Program, in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The project comprises the participation of companies in international events, such as trade fairs and showrooms, conducts prospecting missions in search of new markets, and provides training sessions for exports. It also invites importers and opinion formers for schedules in Brazil. 

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IB: Can you give us the top 6 key things one needs to know about the brand?

A: Here are our top 6: 

  • It manufactures over 900 million pairs per year
  • It exported 127 million pairs in 2017
  • It generated US$ 1.1 billion with exports in 2017
  • More than 150 countries purchase shoes from Brazil
  • The main importer of Brazilian shoes is the United States, followed by Argentina, France, and Bolivia.
  • The Brazilian footwear industrial park consists of over 7,000 companies and directly employs about 300 thousand people.


IB: Finally, which Brazilian footwear brands are available in the UAE?

A: In the market research we did two years ago, when we start working with the UAE as priority market, the brands West Coast, Havaianas and Dumond were mentioned as the most known. Today, we know others have developed well in the country, such as the children ones Pampili, Klin and Pé com Pé, or others male and female brands like Schutz, Alexandre Birman, Beira Rio, Piccadilly, Ipanema, Usaflex, Shoetherapy, and Pegada.

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