UAE based couples opting for delayed parenthood

Doctors’ advice couples looking to conceive to visit their Gynecologist to set realistic pregnancy goals

Dubai, UAE, August 29, 2018: The number of couples in the UAE that have opted for delayed parenthood has risen over the past years. The late age compounded with other environmental factors have led to a rise in complications for the couples. As a result, the birth rate in the UAE has decreased substantially during the previous many years.

The rising cost of living everywhere around the world and the want to give their children a better lifestyle has seen a lot of couples choosing to have children later on in life. Apart from financial security, many women now choose to establish their career before deciding to become a mother. Some couples are just ‘not ready’ to face the responsibility of raising a child. While the reason for opting for delayed parenthood may be different, we cannot ignore the fact that the trend is steadily rising all over the globe and in the UAE.

According to Dr. Koulshan Mohammad Jameel, HOD, Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology at Canadian Specialist Hospital, “Any couple looking at conceiving, be it at a later stage or not, should visit their ObGyn regarding their reproductive goals and screen the to-be mother for certain conditions such as anemia, hypertension, diabetes and thyroid problem. Supplements such as folic acid are beneficial as they increase chances of pregnancy and decrease the risk of having a baby with central nervous system defect”.

“With respects to diet, fresh and organic foods help you absorb key antioxidants and nutrients that are helpful when trying to conceive. Vitamins and supplements are essential e.g. Zinc improves the maturity and health of eggs; Selenium is essential for sperm formation and testosterone; Vitamins B12 and C, which increase sperm count and Vitamin E, good for sperm mobility”, added Dr. Jameel.

Women looking to conceive should make lifestyle changes to increase their chances of becoming pregnant. Small actions and changes in your daily routine can have a big impact. Quitting alcohol and caffeine, getting fit, getting to your optimal weight, eating a baby-friendly-diet will go a long way in the journey of achieving motherhood.

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“Timing of ovulation is also very important. In case of irregular periods, the couple should plan based either on signs and symptoms (type of secretion, abdominal discomfort, basal body temperature) or by ovulation kits which are highly recommended”, said Dr Jameel.

Smoking and stress is a couple of the biggest contributors to infertility. As compared to non-smokers, people who smoke are more likely to have fertility problems. Due to smoking, more than 7,000 chemicals spread through the body, which hinder ovulation, damage eggs and affect sperm motility.

Similarly, stress can cause fertility to shut down temporarily. It is highly recommended to manage stress levels as higher stress can disrupt the hormone levels and ovulation may cease. “We have all heard of friends that struggled to conceive and once they gave up and the stress of conceiving was gone, then they got pregnant”, concluded Dr. Jameel.

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