How to ensure the quality of your auto spare parts in the UAE


If you have ever had your used car repaired, you know that choosing the right auto spare parts can be a daunting task. You need to consider quality, expense, reliability and you certainly don’t want to end up with the same sticker shock you did when you first bought your car. So before you start thinking about selling your used car, the experts at have put together some pointers to help you make the right choices.

The choices – OEM or Aftermarket

OEM parts are made by the original manufacturer directly instead of a third party. Since they are made by the manufacturer, they fit the specifications of the specific car model. Meanwhile, aftermarket parts are manufactured by a company other than the brand company of your car. They may be made for your specific model, or may be bulk built to fit several different makes or models. Either way, they may not fit perfectly, but may be good enough.

The pro’s and con’s

The pro of OEM parts is naturally peace of mind (the part will work the way the original manufacturer intended and it will almost always come with a one-year warranty). The con’s, as expected, are OEM parts are more expensive (typically 50-60% more than aftermarket parts) and not always quickly available as potentially in limited supply.

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Aftermarket parts on the other hand are much more affordable, and can often times provide comparable (perhaps even better) quality to the original manufacturer. It is a highly competitive field, and reverse engineering parts to manufacturer may reveal weakness that aftermarket providers remove to differentiate themselves. It does naturally require a bit more leg work to identify a reliable provider that’s going to provide you with quality parts, and that can be quite a difficult exercise.

Which is the best?

It’s natural to assume OEM car parts are best as they come directly from the manufacturer. Some may prefer buying OEM parts to keep the vehicle in its original, as good as new state, though the reality is it was no longer new when you first drove it out the dealership. So, if an aftermarket part passes the test of quality, technical competency, safety and performance, why not opt for this more cost effective choice? So if you can get assurances around aftermarket parts that maybe the better choice for you.

UAE implements new laws to provide further assurances on parts!

Here comes the good news! Whether its aftermarket, second hand or OEM parts, counterfeit or faulty auto products will now face roadblocks as Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has implemented a nationwide vehicle safety system starting from October. Abdullah Al-Maeeni, director-general of ESMA hopes that the system will improve the quality of auto spare parts in UAE in terms of safety, performance and technical soundness and make them abide by UAE standards.

With the implementation of the system, the authorities hopes to control at least 50% of faulty products within the first year. One of the set of standards include giving the local traders and companies a year’s time to get rid of non-complying products. The rules and regulations cover many aspects of auto spare industries, right from the manufacturing, storage, packing and usage and transportation. So whether you are a buyer, or have a car for sale, this new law will protect your rights as well as implement strict standards for any car part related concerns.

It can be a difficult business to choose a car service without getting scammed or getting a bad deal. Your best bet is to do prior research about the specific car part you are going to buy, enlist the help of reliable service technicians or even go on car related forums or websites that have car enthusiasts and valuable tips on everything auto-related. At we ensure every car, though they are from private sellers, pass a comprehensive 200 point inspection and the results of that inspection are posted online for full transparency.


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