Design Considerations for an Impressive Home Office

By Lillian Connors

Working from home is not all fun and games as some people may think. Aside from all the noise that is very present in every household, people usually tend to locate their home offices in some unused area of the home that’s, more often than not, gloomy or simply uninspiring.

Working in surroundings that don’t endorse creativity or boost motivation is never a good idea, as your productivity is bound to deteriorate which will, subsequently, make your work suffer as well. Therefore, to make sure that your home office is working as hard as you are, check out some of these considerations.

How is designing a home office different from designing a commercial office?

In layman’s terms, a home office leaves you with a lot more room for creativity and personalization that a commercial office space, which in no way means that you can be too casual with your office design. Too casual an office can seriously obstruct your ability to make things done and can even make your housemates feel like the job you do is not that important after all. Here’s are some ideas to help you out.

Set clear boundaries

While not all of us have the luxury of turning an entire room into a home office, it’s still advisable to determine the clear boundaries of your office space. This can be achieved by using screen divider or even floor shelves to, at least visually, separate your workspace from the rest of your home. Also, it’s extremely important to set some boundaries with your housemates as well by making it absolutely clear to them that the fact that you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you can be bothered every time someone can’t find a shoe or is feeling hungry.

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Invest in proper equipment

There really is no need to fill your home office with all the equipment that can be found in a commercial office just because you might need it one day. Instead, only add the equipment you will be using on a day-to-day basis. So, invest in a wireless hub which will allow you to move around your office and take care of all the work-related tasks (like answering emails) from whichever place you choose – your desk, the chair, the sofa, etc.

Also, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones is absolutely a must, as these are the only things that will offer you some much-needed peace and quiet. Additionally, obtain a separate landline that will be used for your business only to avoid presenting your business clients or associates with a busy signal. Finally, a good laptop and a fast internet connection are crucial.

Style it up

Even though your home office should resemble a commercial working environment, that doesn’t mean that you should hold back from styling it up a bit. On the contrary! Here, you can combine both style and function by organizing your office layout to suit your needs specifically, and up the game by adding comfortable ergonomic furniture and filling the office with captivating round rugs. The furniture will provide you with all the necessary support while the rugs are there to offer a comfortable underfoot solution. Throw in a comfortable couch as well to create a relaxation area and add a small coffee table if you ever happen to have visitors in your home office. Of course, don’t forget to match the style of the furniture with the rugs to create a cohesive, visually-pleasing design.

Don’t forget about colours

Consider the colour scheme you want to have in your home office. Various colours affect us differently which is why you should determine the colour combo that works for you best and choose to implement it in the design. Depending on the type of work you do, you should consider purple as it encourages creativity, blue as it brings peace of mind and yellow as if can make you feel more energized and awake. Additionally, consider adding a few potted plants in your office as well, as they can significantly improve your mood and make the entire design appear more luxurious.

These were just some of the aspects of putting together a truly impressive home office. The beauty of it all is that you can customize the design as much as you want but try to stay professional as much as possible to avoid coming off as too casual or unprofessional.

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