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Light KeyboardAs smartphones have become more ubiquitous, the number of things they can actually do has expanded.

There’s a whole industry devoted to making add-ons for the computer in your pocket, and while a good chunk of them aren’t exactly necessary for day-to-day life, they’re often fun and creative enough to be worth it for the right niche of people.

No one device gets more of these weird little add-ons than the iPhone, so here are a few accessories for Apple’s flagship device that we enjoy, even if they aren’t totally practical.

External camera flash

If you find the flash of the current iPhone camera to be subpar, Concepter wants to help with the iBlazr 2. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and integrates right into the default camera app on iOS — all you have to do is point and shoot. You can adjust the iBlazr 2’s light temperature and power on the device itself, and activate the flash by double tapping its back. Its creators say the light created by the iBlazr 2 is comparable to a “small but powerful flashlight.” So while you shouldn’t expect the same results you’d get in broad daylight, the iBlazr 2 will provide significantly more light than the standard iPhone camera’s flash.Concepter iBlazr 2 LED Wireless Flash, $59.95, available at Amazon.

Attachable shutter button

If you’re looking for a way to protect your phone and bring back memories from your old point-and-shoot camera days, consider the SNAP! PRO by bitplay. The case is made out of shock-absorbing material to help your iPhone from the perils of the laws of physics, and the physical shutter button works with the default camera app. The SNAP! PRO also has a grip, which should help cut down on your number of blurry photos.bitplay SNAP!Pro, $53.10, available at Amazon.



Attachable camera lens

Speaking of interchangeable lenses, Loha Life’s solution lets you take macro and wide-angle shots on the go with a level of detail that the iPhone’s default shooter can’t quite match. This is a newer entry in the add-on market, but it’s got stellar reviews on Amazon, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and it works with Android phones too. LOHA Premium Camera Lens, $26.99, available at Amazon.

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