By Marilyn Vinch

Working those long, hard hours can be a reward in itself – but there’s more to life than business. To truly enjoy the fruits of your labor it is important to get away from it all from time to time. A rich life is one that combines professional accomplishment with worldly encounters, travel, love, life. There’s a phrase we use when we think about the things we’d like to experience before we shuffle from this mortal coil: bucket list. And if your bucket list is empty, you’ve either been working too hard, or partying too hard!

Let’s assume you’ve not had a chance to think about what kind of experiences you’ll want to tell your grandchildren about. Wouldn’t a railway adventure or two make satisfying additions to your personal biography?

One such trip is the Trans-Siberian Railway. The longest unbroken railway on Earth, it means some serious time away from the troubles of work, learning about the world – specifically, Russia, Mongolia and China. Epic, no? At just US$165 for a ticket, it is a life-changing adventure that should be on every eager traveler’s bucket list.

Then there’s the New York to New Orleans Crescent’ as good an opportunity as you’ll get to ‘see America’. Passing through thirteen famous states, you can eat, sleep and socialize on this historic line as it covers its day-and-a-half route. Take in some quality time at either end of the journey, and the whole thing can be done in a long weekend.

This new infographic from Pettitts explores a dozen such rail trips, and if you don’t find yourself wanting to add at least half of them to your bucket list then you’re definitely working too hard! There are few more stylish ways to make an epic journey, nor more comfortable ways to add travel and adventure to your list of achievements. So consider putting some time aside for your first serious rail holiday this year, to save yourself the regret of missing out in years to come!
The World’s 12 Most Amazing Rail Journeys

The World’s 12 Most Amazing Rail Journeys [Infographic] courtesy of Pettitts


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