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What you consider a healthy food might be a bit less black-and-white than you think.

The New York Times and The Morning Consult conducted a survey, released Tuesday, that asked 672 nutritionists and 2,000 US voters what foods they considered healthy or unhealthy.

Of the 52 foods the survey asked about, here are 13 that the nutritionists and the general public were the most split on.

See the full food breakdown charted by The New York Times.

Granola bar

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Granola bars can be deceivingly unhealthy because they’re filled with sugar — a fact almost three-quarters of nutritionists recognized while the majority of the public didn’t. A bar has roughly a third of your daily sugar intake, though the amount of sugar varies from bar to bar.

71% of the public thought granola bars were healthy, while 28% of nutritionists did.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a trendy fat substitute for your favorite recipes, but it is pretty high in saturated fat, which the US Department of Agriculture recommends avoiding.

72% of the public thought coconut oil was healthy, while 37% of nutritionists did.

Frozen yogurt

As tempting as it may be to count frozen yogurt topped with fruit as a nutritious substitute for dinner or just as a treat, it’s still packed with sugar (almost 70% of your daily intake).

66% of the public thought frozen yogurt was healthy, while 32% of nutritionists did.

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