chinese robot conferenceAndy Wong/AP Images

Each year, the bleeding-edge developments in robotics and engineering are put on display at the World Robot Conference held in Beijing, China.

It’s a chance for companies and students to reveal the products and software that could redefine what it means to be human — including artificial limbs, humanoid robots, and animatronic dogs.

Consider the conference a window into the artificially-intelligent future.

One of the most iconic (and surreal) ways to use AI is in humanoid robots, which require assistants to apply their makeup just like any other star.
Andy Wong/AP Images
Drone manufacturers demoed models that communicated with skull caps so people could control the flying machines with brain signals alone.
Ng Han Guan/AP Images
Other drone makers showed off underwater models that can capture footage while people swim and Scuba-dive.
Fu Ting/AP Images
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