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If you’re tired of your traditional urban landscape, these 18 cities across the globe will offer plenty of color to brighten your view.

From Thailand to Peru, these are some of the most colorful cities around the world. You’ll want to grab your passport and jet off to these destinations immediately, and who could blame you? These cities are stunning.

Havana, Cuba — Take a trip back in time as you stroll Havana’s colorful neighborhoods. You’ll find bright-colored buildings and vintage cars lining the streets. Look to the rooftops and note their distinct Moorish style.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — You can’t miss the colorful buildings within the city, but you should definitely scout out the Santa Marta favela, where residents have transformed their neighborhood into a massive art canvas.
Charleston, South Carolina — Take in all of Charleston’s charm as you stroll down Rainbow Row. You’ll see 13 stunning colonial-era homes in soft pastels, each one different from the next.
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