By Sarah Emi

There has been an upsurge demand for jobs in the UAE. The reason for this increase is the development that has taken place in the country. The employee benefits package offered plays a fundamental role in attracting the candidates from all over the world. There are two components which have to brighten the job prospects more than ever and due to which demand has risen, these are the World Expo 2020 and the value-added tax (VAT). The opportunities are set to take place across various regions that include accounting and finance, banking and financial services, information technology, legal and sales. The 5 most in-demand skills in various fields are detailed below:

Financial Sector

The financial sector in the UAE is set to boom in the nearby future. The skills that the job seekers must be equipped with include financial crime and expertise skills. The companies are set to look out for the applicants who have multinational banking experience and can speak Arabic fluently to built local client relationship.

Technological Sector

In the technology sector, it is predicted that UAE organizations will be seeking individuals who possess skills of efficiently running ERP applications. Since the governmental sector and firms demand these due to their extreme reliance on the technology. Job seekers who can manage large-scale projects will have the priority. The firms are looking for individuals who have the skill set for implementing advanced technologies that advance a company’s growth.

Human Resource Sector

The skill that the UAE human resources experts will be looking for in a candidate applying for the relevant position is the commercial insight he/she has of the field especially because the technological advances are changing the nature of the work. To determine whether an individual is nurtured on how to make use of SAP or Oracle, and the emerging concept of change and leadership management. The position of recruitment specialist, the learning and development director and HR officers are in demand for 2018

Legal Sector

There are certain changes that are anticipated to take place in the UAE. The applicants who plan to attain a legal job should be western educated with hands-on GCC experience. They should be well versed in the Arabic education to communicate effectively with the clients. The positions that are set to be scouted by the companies include senior regional counsel and commercial lawyer.

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Pharmaceutical Sector

The demand in the pharmaceutical sector in the UAE is set to increase because of the change and improved medication. Candidates should have knowledge of the equipment handling and great analytical skill. The applicant must be nurtured on the market knowledge to attain a higher position in the UAE in 2018.

Greater demand generates greater competition which creates a greater challenge for the firms to find skillful professionals today. The employers need to make sure the employees is a team player and good time management skills. Further, they should also be able to compose emails in a professional language.

About the author:

Sarah Emi works for a Logo Designing Service in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She has worked on several designing projects for its international clients across the globe. Sarah has worked on some iconic logo designs for different companies and her work is regarded and endorsed by some of the best designers around.