Who doesn’t like to indulge in a relaxing massage and immerse themselves in a cold plunge pool to rejuvenate their skin after a hot sauna or steam room session? The trend is no longer limited to Asian inspired spas as the Nordic wellness experience has found its way to the Middle East.

InBusiness.ae got talking to Carolina Moquist, Spa Director, LivNordic Spa and Wellness to hear all about the unique Nordic relaxing trip that UAE citizens are embarking on when visiting their spa.


Give us some background on LivNordic and its presence in the Middle East.

Liv Nordic was created by Raison’d’Etre, a Stockholm based Spa Consulting company with experience gained from creating spa and spa brands and managing more than 120 spas in 60 countries worldwide. Raison d’Etre is proud of having created spas that have won more than 50 awards for their ground-breaking innovations and revolutionary facilities that champion design, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.

At LivNordic, we believe that everybody has a right to enjoy life and have access to the tools to do so. LivNordic pursues holistic wellbeing by drawing on the rich resources that the Nordic culture, both traditional as well as contemporary, has to offer today. Inspired by a natural sense of stillness, innovative creativity and deep abiding love for nature, our LivNordic spas offer a space where you are invited to engage with the dynamics that allow for a balanced and healthy lifestyle anywhere in the world – the Nordic way.

The LivNordic spa at Cayan Tower, part of Cayan Hospitality is the first of its kind in Dubai and offers an inviting contemporary contrast to the Asian inspired spas usually found in the UAE. We are seeing a focused interest in all things Nordic around the world, placing the LivNordic brand in a very strong and interesting position within the spa industry. Our aim is to open a further 15 LivNordic spas within the next 5 years and we are experiencing our highest surge of exciting possibilities coming from the GCC area. We are opening Katara Beach Club by LivNordic in Doha later this year.

Why did you decide to bring this concept to this region?

There has been a large increase in the number of spas in Dubai over the last couple of years. Being a center point of the Middle East and a location where there is a huge demand for beauty and wellness therapies, Dubai was an obvious choice for the flag ship of LivNordic. We have established a partnership with Cayan Hospitality, Cayan Group, one of the Middle East’s leading real-estate developers that owns Cayan Tower where the LivNordic Spa is located. Cayan Tower is an iconic building named the tallest twisted tower in the world, facing the spectacular scenery of Dubai Marina.


Dubai is crowded with spas and wellness outlets. How do you stand out from competition and what makes your treatments so unique?

The balanced and healthy lifestyle enjoyed by the Nordic people, is based on three simple dynamics: A natural sense of stillness, innovative creativity and a deep abiding love for nature. This Nordic way of living will be reflected in the complete guest experience. Starting with the innovative contemporary Nordic design of the spa, which includes elements associated with Nordic living: romantic fireplaces and birch tree corridors as well as natural woods and fabrics. The traditional Nordic bathing ritual will form the center of the spa treatment experience and be complimented by a variety of Swedish inspired massages together with more innovative Nordic therapies, advanced beauty treatments as well as fitness and mindfulness classes. The journey through the spa will shortly include a café that will provide Nordic inspired nutrition through superfood smoothies, simple healthy lunch alternatives, snacks and drinks. The café area also hosts a Nordic retail shop where guests can purchase products, Nordic bathing kits, lifestyle products, imported Swedish gift items and more.

When it comes to service delivery, our focus is on emotional hospitality, where our team members are trained to consult with their guest to find out their needs in order to recommend treatment, small changes in lifestyle and homecare as part of every spa experience.

LivNordic is not trying to be different, we are simply being Nordic.


What are the pros and cons of operating a spa in a residential tower?

Operating in a residential tower has a lot of great opportunities mainly because we are seeing the same guests every day and this gives us an opportunity to create strong relationships. Having a lot of repeating guest also gives us an opportunity to be more creative with menu offerings and promotions. We have to work more at marketing the spa as we have less exposure than a hotel spa. We also do not have the same support services as a hotel does, so a lot of work goes into maintaining the spa and communicating with other facilities in the tower.

What is the promise that you hold for your guests?

Excellent customer service, strong treatment deliveries with knowledgeable, engaging and professional hosts and an invitation to our Nordic community.


What is your favorite treatment?

I’m a beauty girl J I love having my nails and hair done. Nothing beats a fabulous result-oriented facial so I take our Hydrafacial frequently. My absolute favorite treatment in our spa is the Arctic Detox package. It includes an invigorating body scrub with cranberry followed by a stimulating Detox massage targeting key areas using Lingonberry Body oil. The experience ends with cupping that removes blockages and boost the circulation. Being Swedish, the smells of the c/o of Gerd product take me right back to my childhood, picking berries in the forest with my grandparents during summer, it is fabulous!

What are your plans for the coming years? 

Being a center point of the Middle East and a location where there is a huge demand for beauty and wellness therapies, I see myself staying in the region and taking on the responsibility for a few more spas. I’m quite excited about working on new projects and concepts along with my responsibilities in operation in the near future. There is so much exciting development happening for LivNordic & Cayan Hospitality and this opens a lot of new doors for new adventures and learning.