AAVVA, the rich cultural brand, founded by Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia in 2011 in the UAE, has yet again portrayed their love for culture, emotion and art. This time, bringing a collection to life that is both unique in its essence and inspiration, a street wear range, showcasing 14 stylish pieces, inspired by the famous Mexican feminist artist, Frida Kahlo.

Although Frida is long gone, her legacy has surely lived on, enthralling the designers just like many. The designers Ahmad and Vincenzo talk about the female artist inspiring them. “We never looked at her paintings just as a portrait or a canvas but we often questioned the true meaning and emotions hidden behind the choice of color, the form of art, the richness…” Precisely inspired by few of her famous works of art, paintings like “The Broken Column”, “Self-portrait as a Tehuana”, “Still life with parrots and fruits”, “Self-portrait with Monkey” and “Me and my parrots” that are said to have struck a chord with the designers.

With the line narrating an obvious yet veiled story, a frenzy of dresses, skirts and embroidered glory, the feminism inspired collection portrays the designers’ perception of a bohemian woman, feminist, artist, and lover. AAVVA creates an illustrative story through the designing style and color, eventually narrating Kahlo’s eloquent and passionate artistic fashion that has been eagerly recognized and praised. AAVVA has smartly paired the narration with beautiful imagery where soulful young beauty, Rhea Jacobs is seen playing the modern day Frida. With her fierce individuality, creative expression and unconditional love for art; Jacobs seemed to immerse perfectly with one of Kahlo’s artwork.

Frida’s art is known not just as a revelation of her personality, but to construct a personality; her pain often depicted in her way of style, strokes of brush or locks of hair. Following the silent lessons learnt by life and story of the almost rebellious artist, AAVVA designed the pieces for those who wish to create, to invent and to discover. The designers wanted to capture Kahlo’s deep relation with fashion and her way of telling her story, making clothes, her attire part of her identity. Truly, her fashion and clothes were much more than fabrics sown together.

The new range by AAVVA cultivates a style that is set apart and urges the need to express fashion and style fearlessly. The pieces are a different kind of beautiful. Neoprene, pleads and satin and ruffled lace altogether with vivid, jewel tones – sheer passion, raw emotion and an unmatched love for art, AAVVA’s tribute to Frida Kahlo is one that salutes her bold choices and thinking, that were part defense, part depiction and stance, all of which the world stills yearns to know.


The designers Ahmad and Vincenzo mentioned their thought process behind this collection. “We believe art and design as the basis of our creations. Art is always about self-expression, wanting to create something truly unique yet meaningful. Frida Kahlo’s story is both artistically inspiring with a strong message to our women.”