By Dr Bachir Kalaji, Specialist Orthodontist, Clinica Joelle


The teeth are exposed to many factors subject to change the look over time. These factors could be external factors like accidents, food and smoking. Sometimes, the changes may be caused due to genetic reasons as well. Fortunately, with the development of medical science, there are a variety of treatments and procedures available in dentistry. It is no longer a task to restore a beautiful smile.

The most important procedures are done through Orthodontics. Although available in many types, some people may be embarrassed by the presence and look of some of these procedures. The advancement in dentistry, especially the innovative technique of invisible orthodontics is a revolution. Straight teeth and revamped smile may no longer need to come from an unattractive look caused by wire and bracket braces. Enhancing self-esteem and physical confidence, invisible braces offer an esthetic and barely visible alternative to the typical bracket braces.

Dr. Bachir Kalaji, specialist Orthodontist, Clinica Joelle, affirms that this technique is best for people who want to straighten teeth, restoring their beautiful smile without having to face embarrassment due to the metal clamps and wires. The special treatment allows patients to repair teeth without changing lifestyle. There are various types of invisible braces such as clear braces, made of ceramic or zircon. They are quite popular not just because of the invisible quality, but also because of the ease of installation. They are also more effective, minimally invasive and resistant to clouding from wear.


With so many options at hand, Lingual braces are something not many think of! From a cosmetic point of view, this is the best option, the most comfortable and fitting for our patient. Dr. Kalaji mentions how it provides a three-dimensional control of the teeth. As opposed to the metallic braces, the lingual braces are adapted and made to suit each patient and the shape of their teeth to provide the highest level of comfort.

Clinica Joelle’s specialist also emphasized the importance of visiting your doctor regularly during the course of the treatment. This ensures timely evaluation (once every four weeks) and also progress in the condition. Having a great smile is worth the regular visits to your doctor but not worth your discomfort! Some people are hesitant to consider these solutions despite the difference they can create in their smiles – lingual braces could be the answer to the problem. Whether you see them or not, find out what braces are best for you. After all, your smile should be healthy and beautiful.