Live-streaming App grows its user base from 28Million since launch in March 2016 gaining popularity among youth

 BIGO Live, the fastest growing social media video streaming app community, is garnering popularity with the live-streaming community across the world, attracting a record number of 53 million active users, since its launch early this year in March.  Although popular in China, BIGO Live connects live streamers from across the globe with users from Europe, Russia, South Korea, Japan and the Middle East. Compared to the large number of live streaming platforms and apps available today, BIGO LIVE is the only platform that stands out by providing a vibrant and easy to use interface.

BIGO LIVE”s success comes from its excellent ability to adapt to its user needs and provides customizable options. Targeted towards the region’s young and affluent digitally active social community, BIGO LIVE gives users a real-time platform to find, connect, and share their interests, thoughts, and activity through a feature-rich interface

Features such as ‘Explore’ allows users to explore other streamers without limits, regardless of location. Users can check out all broadcasters streaming anywhere at any given time with the explore button, allowing them to choose the region they want to look at or search for currently trending streamers in their part of the world.

The real-time interaction is the key to BIGO LIVE’s success and its responsive platform allows streamers to actively interact in real-time. Viewers can reward broadcasters with gifts from BIGO and show their support as a fan.

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To further allow broadcasters and viewers to connect, BIGO LIVE makes it possible to interact with viewers directly on stream and have a public face-to-face live discussion.

BIGO Live is available for download on Android:

And iOS: