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Daniel Bryan announced his return to in-ring action on Tuesday night, over two years after he was forced into retirement due to injury.
Bryan was one of the biggest stars in the WWE when he was forced to give up wrestling, and his return has the potential to shake up the wrestling world, and become one of the best stories in wrestling history in the process.
After thanking his wife, his doctors, and his fans for their support, Bryan was Powerbombed onto the mat in a later segment, proving once and for all that he was ready for his return to action.

On Tuesday, WWE tweeted out that in a shocking turn of events, Daniel Bryan had been cleared to wrestle again, more than two years after concerns over concussions forced him into retirement.

Later that night, Bryan, who had remained within the WWE Universe in the role of “SmackDown” general manager, made the announcement official. With fans chanting in joy and disbelief, Bryan said that after years of seeing doctors and working to get healthy, he was back, going as far as to tease his official return in a potential match at WrestleMania.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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