F7 Design, the multi-purpose luxury concept store, is opening a real-life online store experience in the flourishing district of design of Dubai. The pop up will showcase the latest, funky and dynamic collections of F7 Design’s brands such as Alex Perry, Valery Kovalska and F7 Design, and will run from 28th February till 13th March.

Within the month, Fatma Abdul Jalil Al Fahim, founder of F7 Design and designer of the F7 brand, will host key fashion influencers with speeches, lady afternoons and an experience with Quintessentially Lifestyle. The creative installation derives from the most literal understanding of technology. It imitates the look and feel of the inside of a computer, where guests step through the doors and enter an artistic circuit board paired with industrial concrete, mirrors, constantly changing neon lights and acrylic panels. There will be iPads for customers to flick through all the designer brands to help combine the online and physical experience.


“Before opening our fashion store in D3, I want people to understand that F7 Design is different, has  attitude and is up to date with the latest technology”, explains Fatma. “The shop will take a futuristic approach entwining technology and fashion together and showing guests how important this is today.”


Venue: Building no. 7, D3, Dubai

Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm

Participating Designer Brands: Alex Perry, Avaro Figlio, AWAKE, Dept of Culture Fasion Art Charity, F7 the brand, Laila Soares, Moon Lee, Valery Kovalska, KYME, Laurence & Chico, Noritamy, Sarah Angold, Judari Milano, Viavela, Volon, Zilla.