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Last summer, Vulture published a ranked list of every Netflix original series. Since then, the roster of programming has more than doubled, and it’s time to reconsider the impressive, overwhelming bulk of TV that Netflix now offers.

Like that list, I’ve excluded what’s become an increasingly big chunk of Netflix’s “originals” — programs like Marcella or Peaky Blinders, which began life in some other production paradigm and only later snagged Netflix distribution agreements. The international shows that have been included (Between, Atelier, and others) were conceived with, or produced specifically for, Netflix distribution. This list also excludes feature-length films, revivals of older properties (shows like Arrested Development, whileWet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is included because it didn’t previously exist as a TV series), and original series like Fuller Houseor Degrassi: Next Class that are marketed toward a young-adult audience. Yes, it’s still pretty silly to claim that Marco Polo and Chef’s Table are an apples-to-apples comparison, but we’re living in a Netflix world.

36. Real Rob

A sitcom from the mind of Rob Schneider, in which we learn that Rob Schneider thinks it’s funny to run out of a book signing because “a busload of handicapped people” arrived and “they take forever.” It begins with the premise that Schneider is the single most relatable person in the world, and proceeds from there, skating through jokes about how hard it is to be Rob Schneider, the travails of having an incompetent personal assistant, and the anxieties that come with a hot wife. Women, we learn, are so easily disgusted that they’d never eat food with a hair on it. Men, meanwhile, would eat anything with hair in it, unless that hair were attached to a pair of balls. It is the sort of programming that makes you want to bleach out your ears and eyes.

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35. Flaked
Matt Kennedy/Netflix

Middle-aged white man tries to find himself, struggles with alcoholism, and rides his bike around a California setting that looks like your local mall’s PacSun crossed with the worst smugness of a Whole Foods.

34. Between

A virus wipes out every resident of Pretty Lake over the age of 22, and none of the survivors seem capable of mustering an emotional response more passionate than a hearty ” … Oh crap, this looks bad.” 

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