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BII The future of media is rapidly evolving right before our very eyes.

Digital is taking over the world, and the generational shift is in full swing as millennials and Generation X age up and smartphones, computers, and tablets become their primary tools for media consumption.

But this growing digital dominance won’t just affect news. Advertising, television, and more will all deal with major changes in the next several years.

But we can’t understand the road ahead until we have a complete picture of our current landscape. eMarketer, the leading research firm for marketing in a digital world, has done just that with its Global Media Reports Bundle.

This is the definitive collection of reports that covers country-by-country digital media, digital adoption, mobile phone and smartphone usage, digital video, and social network usage. These deep dives into the state of digital media cover more than 50 countries through thousands of detailed charts that analyze media consumption by age, gender, socioeconomic status, and more.


This bundle includes the following four in-depth reports:

The Global Media Intelligence Report 2016: This report analyzes the usage and penetration of television, over-the-top streaming services (such as Netflix and Hulu), Internet, mobile phones, newspapers, radio, and magazines in more than 40 countries, including the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, and Thailand.
The Global Mobile Landscape 2016: Mobile phones have become one of the primary ways in which people around the globe communicate with each other. Still, adoption and usage of those devices can vary greatly from country to country. This report examines the use of mobile phones and smartphones in major markets in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and North America.
Global Video Platforms 2016: Digital video platforms are drawing ever-increasing numbers of viewers.This report examines the use of the leading digital video services in major markets in more than 30 nations.
Global Social Platforms 2016: With every passing year, social networking plays a more essential role in the digital lives of consumers worldwide, but the platforms they use differ by country and demographic.This report examines usage of the leading social networks in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and North America.

Here’s how you get this exclusive Digital Media research:

To provide you with this exclusive bundle of reports, eMarketer has partnered with BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. These reports are not available for individual sale anywhere else, and we’re bringing them to you at a 20% discount!

If you’re involved in media at any level, you simply must understand the tremendous shifts that are occurring in this space.

Executives at major media outlets, reporters at digital startups, and everyone in between is eager to understand how the future of media will look.

And the digital media field is evolving right before our eyes. Companies are figuring out on the fly how to best attract viewers and advertisers. What lessons are they learning? Who’s doing it best? What threats are traditional media companies facing? Where are the opportunities for exponential growth for newer outlets? How is the rise of mobile changing the landscape of media consumption?

eMarketer’s Global Media Reports Bundle is the ONLY resource that answers all of these questions and more. Click here to purchase this exclusive bundle of reports at 20% OFF!

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