Himalayan Kriya Yoga

Himalayan Kriya Yoga



By Bandana Jain

Himalayan Kriya Yoga (HKY) is a profound science of alignment for purification at all levels to attain body-mind-spirit into a constant blissful union. Himalayan Kriya yoga enables us to detoxify, calibrate, unlock, align, purify, access and sustain the ecstatic divine bliss within the body thereby attaining a disease and pain-free body.

Relayed  through the enlightened mind of the well-known Himalayan yogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal, HKY is designed to penetrate into the core being, that pragmatically cleanses and purifies the breathing apparatus, gut and the all-important lymphatic drainage system to process and become lighter and thereby bring about a more deeper awareness of the energy meridians that run deep within us.  The sheer magnetic pull of these snow -capped peaks attracted awakened yogis to meditate and absorb the essence of blissful spiritual union, compassion and ascension of awareness.

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In the year 2004, Pradeep received a call from a Himalayan yogi, Gorakhnath Babaji that he start teaching HKY. “I was not sure of how the role would unfurl as I didn’t have any formal training. As a matter of fact, a yoga aspirant walked upto me and sought help. I vividly recall how I could see his entire body with an x-ray vision, which had never happened before. I considered this as a sign from the universe to start teaching. I recall receiving golden balls of subtle light into the brain which blanked me into the dark void and the awareness penetrated from higher beings in deepest state of silence. The knowledge began to unfold as I began to teach more people in different stages of journey. I introduced techniques of ancient martial arts and marma therapy to ensure higher levels of prana flow and detoxification. So, HKY came to me as an innate gift and inspiration that I am now using to benefit others.”

HKY is result oriented technique that enables tapping into the union through intense purification, purging of toxins and eventually attaining a unique state of being called ‘zero-field awareness’. It focuses on a very special ability to unlock and align the neuron receptors to access the ‘Rishi Radar’ that enables us to the grace and power of true guidance.

The HKY programme helps in understanding one’s energetic potential via simple movements to detox the energy meridians and sluggish toxins stored in our lymphatic drainage system, cellular memory and gut. It helps to stimulate the pineal gland to absorb the energy of the Sun to step up immunity and energy levels.


HKY is an age- old science which has regained momentum and has a large following in Dubai as well. The volunteers of HKY meet regularly at various homes to continue their practice at no cost and eagerly share their positive energy to aspirants who are willing to learn more about the mechanisms of re-igniting their pulsating life force that remains dormant inside them.

Unlike other forms where a strict discipline is imposed, the emphasis is on enjoying the yogic flow through our senses while in deep meditation – the idiom of ‘hearing the light and seeing the sound’ comes into play, where every student can vouch for the sense of joy, bliss and celebration one feels after a session. The emphasis is always on being compassionate to the plight of all living beings, being tolerant and yet resilient internally to overcome disease, pain and suffering and become a pure beacon for love and joy to everyone we come in contact with.

Today’s busy lifestyles tend to make all of us resort to hi-tech aids, unaware of the fact that instead of making life simple it actually complicates our lives, inside out. Himalayan yogis have advised that one needs to perform at least forty minutes of intense kriya (action/movements) to be able to rest in a minimum of eleven minutes of undisturbed stillness. This is the meditative bliss everyone yearns for where for a few moments our super busy monkey brain stops to allow for deep relaxation in the body and also stimulate the regeneration of brain cells and enhance our cognitive abilities.

Himalayan Kriya yoga helps in bringing awareness from the outside to the very palpable inside, where slipping into an asana is an inner journey into crossing our own emotional, physical and energetic threshold.

Here are a few testaments from ardent followers of HKY –

Sumaya, Brazilian Professional Belly Dancer and Yoga Instructor

“I had the opportunity to be in the paradise of Chikmagalur in India to be absorbed in a 300 hours yoga alliance course. I have surrendered myself into this journey of completion and feel so blessed, honoured because of the beauty of grace that emanates when I sustain the alignment that remains the crucial game changer of this ascension path. ”

Devika Valsaraj, Indian, HR Professional and HKY Instructor

“My journey with the Kevala Foundation (see box below) began while I was severely overweight, 98 kilograms to be precise, going through the motions of an intense personal crisis with an 18-month-old baby in tow. An encounter with Dr. Pradeep Ullal in 2013 at a friend’s place radically changed my entire life and career within a matter of a few weeks, I saw myself attending classes daily, it seemed my being couldn’t just do with one session, my soul was familiar with what he was relaying and wanted to absorb and resonate with an intensity of a tropical thunder storm… the whirling energies and electricity within my spine after being initiated by him saw me losing 38kgs, overcoming deep-seated childhood fears, anxieties,  regaining my sense of self to being a dedicated student of this great Himalayan Master and humbly volunteering my time to facilitate Kriya classes and inspire individuals to feel the fountain of joy, peace and stillness within them.  Today I can proudly say I am a new person altogether.”



Payal Mohan, Indian, Business Development Professional

Recently I traveled to the Himalayas with Dr Pradeep Ullal and through the deep silent moments, I found inner stillness. The familiarity, the connectedness and the oneness was so inviting. I am in deepest gratitude to Dr Pradeep Ullal for helping me re-establish my connection and help me to once again tune into my real frequency.

Ahmed Saiad, Kenyan IT professional and Himalayan Kriya Yoga Facilitator

“I started practicing HKY two years back and it has profoundly changed my life as it helped me get rid of knee injury, back pain, stress and instilled a sense of calm. HKY is a superb transformation tool and I would not substitute it for any other practice.



Dr. Pradeep Ullal is a celebrated Himalayan Yogi, clair-cognisant and healer who combines his experiences and techniques in natural healing to inspire, empower and awaken the aspirants. Through the medium of Kevala Foundation at Chikmagalur in Karnataka,India he propagates the HKY movement which has reached out to aspirants across the world. He was awarded PhD from Washington International University for his thesis on ill-effects of sedentary lifestyle and ways to overcome it through his high vibrancy workshops, discourses and seminars.

HKY can be practiced at-

Bur Dubai, Essa Saleh Al Gurg Bldg., Apt 270: 7:30PM, Tuesday and 8:00AM, Saturday

61B Street 29, Jumeira 1 : 8:30AM,  Thursday

Jebel Ali Village Club, Villa # 270: 8:00AM, Friday


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