By Abdulla Ahmad

Buying mattress for hotel rooms is way more different from the one bought for the personal bedroom. To ensure that your guests at the hotel rooms get good night’s sleep and a comfortable stay, you need to have good knowledge of contract mattresses.

While some find it easy to buy mattresses, other face a lot of difficulties when purchasing contract mattresses. The process gets more difficult if you are exploring an online mattress store. From comfort to hygiene, price, softness and durability, there are a number of things that you need to consider while buying mattresses for your hospitality business.

So how should you buy the best contract mattress in Dubai? Keep reading to get mattress buying tips:

Meeting fire regulations

There are fire regulations in every country for the parties using contract beds which they need to comply with. These regulations are to ensure the safety of guests. While buying contract mattresses, make sure the manufacturers comply with these regulations and use right material for their manufacturing.


When talking about the mattresses used in the hotel and hospitality industry, most of them are of medium to firm feel. Hotel owners give preference to these mattresses because these ensure comfort for clients of all shapes and sizes. But buying firm mattress doesn’t mean looking for cheap ones. These mattresses not just spoil soon but also impact guest’s experience.


Whether you are buying mattresses from a physical store or looking for contract mattresses online, don’t forget to ask about the warranty. Ask the provider about the repair and exchange policies if there are any problems with the mattress.

Base and frame

When buying mattresses for hotel rooms, buyers always have confusion between mattresses and divan beds? To make the right decision, you should first analyze your requirements and business goals. For hoteliers, it is better to opt for divan beds rather than bed frames as the former one work well with any type of mattress.

Bed bugs

Would you like to stay in a hotel room, where bed bugs suck your blood and give you an infection? Same is the case with your guests; bed bugs can cause serious problems for them. This is not just about your guest’s experience but also image and reputation of your business. So it is better to buy mattresses that are made from Bug Shield to minimize the risk of bed bugs and the infections caused by them.


Usually, contract mattresses for business purpose are available in two finishes:

  • The tufted finish for extra security and durability of the mattresses. These mattresses are made with the filling that doesn’t get loose quickly and lasts long.
  • The quilting finish is used to make mattresses extra comfortable for guests.

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