download 2Mott & BowDress shirts are the cornerstone to any appealing professional look. While looking good is important, being comfortable is also a top priority.

When it comes to designing high-quality, well-fitting clothes, it’s safe to say that Mott & Bow knows what its doing.

The brand has spent more the last four years creating premium jeans at affordable prices and is now trying its hand at making shirts.

Mott & Bow’s Kent Button-Down Shirt features a lightweight oxford construction, and it’s made out of 100% Italian cotton.

Designed to be slim-fit, but not restricting, the shirts appeal to a multitude of body types. Its perfect length also makes it versatile enough to wear tucked or untucked.


There are six dress shirts every man should own, and now Mott & Bow is helping men dress better with these new options.

Here’s what the Insider Picks team thought after trying their Mott & Bow Kent Oxfords:

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Breton Fischetti, senior director, commerce:

Mott & Bow makes hands down my favorite pair of jeans ever. I will be buying them again and again for as long as they make them.

They recently started making shirts as well, and they sent me their Kent shirt to try out. It’s oxford cotton, and definitely a shirt for summer as the fabric is very light. The fit in the body and the arms is on-point; it’s fitted without being tight. I’m not a fan of overly tailored shirts since they inhibit movement and cause discomfort when sitting at a desk eight hours a day, which I do, so something down the middle is perfect for me. The neck is a bit wide on the size large for me to wear a tie, but I don’t wear ties so that’s ok. If you have a thicker neck than I do (16.5 in.), you might like the fit better.

The shirt comes in at $89, which is comparable to other off-the-rack men’s shirts of the same quality, though I’m almost 100% sure that those aren’t made from Italian cotton like this one is. It can be worn tucked or untucked as the length of the shirt hits right below the waist.

Brandt Ranj, associate commerce editor:

After my previous positive experience with Mott & Bow I was excited to give the brand’s new oxford a try, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s clear Mott & Bow sweated the details with this shirt because I actually noticed how nice it felt against my skin and fit on my body. It wasn’t too baggy or tight, and I had my full range of motion without any constriction.

I had previously thought the brand’s secret weapon was its well-made denim, but it’s done just as well with an all-cotton design. Mott & Bow is quickly becoming my favorite dress shirt company, and whether you’re familiar with its other shirts or pants, I recommend checking out this new style.

Amir Ismael, commerce reporter:

Mott & Bow already has a great reputation for its denim, so when they ventured into making shirts, I was more than happy to give the new Kent oxford a try. As a brand that’s new to designing shirts, Mott & Bow really did exceed my expectations. The shirt is described as “slim but not constricting” and it was exactly that.

As a guy with a slim build, most classic-fitting shirts are just too big on me. At the same time, certain slim shirts are flat out tight. These shirts achieve a slim look without sacrificing comfort. Whether you choose to wear the shirt traditionally or with the sleeves rolled — I tried both —  it looks great. The neck is a bit wide, but in my opinion, it only added to the comfort.

I wore the shirt on a 90-degree day, so naturally I had the top button undone. The fit and lightweight oxford cotton material makes the Kent shirt the perfect shirt, especially during the hot summer months when staying cool and comfortable is important.

Spencer Lambert, commerce intern:

The material of the shirt was definitely my favorite part. Lightweight and breathable, I think it’s the perfect feel for a good summer shirt. When wearing anything with long sleeves in the summer, material becomes the most important factor, and this shirt definitely handled its testing on a 90-degree day.

AXIR Consulting

Mott & Bow’s oxford is a slim fit and I generally like to wear larger oxfords. I’m a tall guy, so when a shirt is slim, often times it’s too short and a little high above my waist. That being said, Mott & Bow seems to have put a lot of time into their measurements. Though I felt that a slim shirt like this would be too small for me, it actually had the perfect length. Overall, I was impressed. For a company that previously only worked in the denim field, they definitely checked all the boxes of a good oxford shirt.

Buy the Mott & Bow Kent Oxford Shirt in six colors for $89.

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