A contemporary fashion label that specializes in handcrafted leather handbags, the brand ultimately aims to provide a trend setting and sustainable brand that compliments the global demand on maintaining and protecting natural resources by targeting progressive women who are influential in making a difference in today’s changing market.

Q&A with Sally Sarieddine, Founder, LaLaQueen


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When did you launch the first collection of LaLaQueen bags?

I launched the first collection of LaLaQueen bags in 2011.

What is the main idea behind Dr.Bag?

My main inspiration behind the Dr.Bag is to bring ‘healing’ back into fashion. I was inspired by an actual vintage Dr.Bag found on a treasure hunt in Florence, and this lead to my LaLaQueen fusion of vintage and modern which is evident through all my collections.

What inspires you in choosing the designs and colors for your inventions?

Abstract ideas in my mind inspire me and ultimately define the design and color palette of the collections. I particularly love to work with classical colors in interesting combinations to create vibrancy and sense of fun. Each color is linked to an energy of some sort and I express these energies within the designs.

Who is your target audience?

Modern and influential women who are drivers in making a difference in today’s changing world. The collections are designed to complement progressive women with ‘rich souls and magical hearts’. In further promoting the spirituality in design, I also actively collaborate with other artists to create unique moments, share design inspiration and drive the cross-pollination of artistic genres.


How do you balance between price and quality?

It is constant work to find this balance; but no matter what, I don’t compromise on the quality of my work. First and foremost, LaLaQueen is a contemporary fashion label that specializes in handcrafted leather handbags. Alongside this, I then aim to create a trend setting, authentic and sustainable brand that compliments the global focus on maintaining and protecting natural resources.

What are the challenges that you are facing in promoting your collections?


We do have a niche product. Thus, having a tailored strategy to reach our consumer is imperative especially in a market place rapidly evolving in regards to technology and the subsequent consumer behavior. This is why I am such a strong advocate of sustainable design and remain mindful about where I source all the materials to create timeless pieces, which can be enjoyed forever. I do my best to minimize waste where possible; LaLaQueen packaging is 100% recycled and the leather we source comes from Lebanese farms where we know the meat is going back to the meat industry. Our handbags are assembled by highly skilled local artisans who operate under healthy working conditions and we are committed to maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and their employees. It’s important that as a home-grown brand, we ensure we give back to the community to support the local families of Lebanon. As LaLaQueen continues to grow, so will our focus on sustainability.

What is your next big step?

I am very excitingly opening a LaLaQueen flagship store in Beirut.