In a forward-thinking move to ensure new mothers and their infants breathe only the cleanest air at their homes, LG partnered with two hospitals to provide LG PuriCare Air Purifiers to new mothers for UAE Mother’s Day. The initiative gives new moms in Dubai a welcome breath of relief from the impact that potential poor indoor air quality can have on their new-born children.

New-borns and young children are particularly susceptible to respiratory illnesses and prone to developing lifelong allergies if the air they breathe indoors is compromised. The LG PuriCare Air Purifiers are designed to mitigate these harmful effects and ensure children breathe in only clean, pollutant-free air.

To mark UAE mothers’ day, new mothers in Dubai were gifted an LG PuriCare Air Purifier each, to take home to ensure optimal indoor air quality for their new-borns.

“At LG, we are always looking for ways to improve the standard of care we provide our customers and mothers, and this is just another example of our care extending beyond the walls of our hospitals. The

LG PuriCare Air Purifiers will ensure that these new-borns will have clean air at home, which is one of the foundations to good health. We are proud to be working with LG on this great initiative, and we wish the new mothers and their babies a happy and healthy life,” said Mr. Kyungrin An, General Manager, RAC Department, LG Electronics.

Using every day products like air fresheners, cleaning agents, deodorants and more cause various pollutants to be unknowingly present inside the home.

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The LG PuriCare Air Purifier is equipped with a host of smart sensors and indicators that alert mothers to poor air quality in their homes and automatically sets the airflow and operation cycles for complete peace of mind. LG’s proprietary SmartThinQ app also helps mothers monitor the indoor air quality of their homes from anywhere.

The innovative 360° filtration system delivers clean air to every corner of the home, while the specially designed Clean Boost fan further increases the range of coverage. So new moms can breathe easy, knowing that their children are safe, and they do not have to spend time worrying about their health, but can instead enjoy spending quality time with them.

“Research has clearly shown the profound impact clean air can have on the post-natal growth of a child. This was one of the driving factors behind the design of our PuriCare Air Purifiers and we are proud to be involved in this effort to highlight the importance of clean air indoors. We hope to be a part of many such initiatives in the future,” concluded Mr. An.

LG’s range of PuriCare Air Purifiers are now available across the UAE at all major retail stores and online. To experience LG PuriCare first-hand, please visit the exclusive LG Brand Shop in The Dubai Mall.