Kanchan Kulkarni, designer and owner of the internationally famed fashion label, Kara, a high fashion prêt meets couture brand from Dubai beholding the multiethnic beauty of UAE as its muse, introduces her Blurred Lines collection to pay homage to the fresh, romantic spirit of the season.

The collection pays tribute to the regale appeal of Silk, that is an abstraction befitting to the psyche of the modern woman. Employing a multifarious blend of silk, from soft Italian silk to more stiff styles accented with lace, beading, sequins and handiwork that give an unexpected twist to flattering silhouettes.

Kara offers consultancy services for bridal couture, party and formalwear, as well as a range of comfortably casual dresses ideal for the modern, elegant and strong woman.

Kanchan Kulkarni, Founder and Designer, Kara, said, “The Blurred Lines collection is a juxtaposition sent to challenge the norms of design; created with bold Middle Eastern fabrics cut into beautiful neo-Western silhouettes embroidered uniquely for a completely off-center appeal. We at Kara present a clothing line that appeals to a persona over a profession, and an attitude over a lifestyle. The classic colors and cuts with our bold signature feel makes the Blurred Lines collection a collection for the bold empress who is head-strong and ready to seize the day, no matter which walk of life she comes from.

Kara is a Dubai-based brand that draws inspiration from the stunning apparel of the modern Arabian woman, with silhouettes and cuts from the west instilled with a meticulous craftsmanship that gives the label its own unique flair. Kara is the hobbyhorse of Kanchan Kulkarni, a fashion designer, Icon, mother of two and philanthropist.

Kara began in a studio in Dubai as a thought when creating a quirky collection of shirts inspired by the individual tastes of some of Kanchan’s near and dear ones. From then on, Kanchan has pursued a jumpstart approach into the industry with short courses through the London College of Fashion to aid her technical know-how of the intricacies of the art form. Kara offers a line of mainly classic, but sometimes quirky dresses, focusing on the use of luxurious materials sourced locally, to create elegant styles that timelessly capture the essence of the wearer.

Kanchan has been awarded the Society Icons award applauding her great innovations and contribution to the fashion world, as well as her personal achievements, including the Kara Foundation, a not-for-profit fund that uses Kanchan’s own income to support health and education programs for underprivileged children the world over.