However, we have some good news for all those who are struggling with organizing events and finding the right suppliers. Silliss is a recently launched platform that is making events planning a smooth and easy journey for all. In this exclusive interview with, Farah Hindiyeh and Ghida Idriss, Founders, Silliss explain their modus operandi and how they are simplifying the coordination and execution of any event, regardless of the size, theme or type.

How did you come up with the concept of Silliss?

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We have both worked in the event industry from the event management side to the supplier side, mainly within the UAE for the past ten years. Understanding both sides of the industry and ways of executing we noticed a common trend and issue many individuals were faced with. Mainly while working on the supplier side, we would constantly have people asking us to assist them in their search for suppliers (who could be trusted) for their requirements. Sometimes just advising them on a selection of quotes received from a variety of suppliers and with our experience we were always able to advise them. After much thought, we decided to create a portal that would further assist anyone putting an event together. We wanted to shift the search for suppliers from a stressful, lengthy procedure to a simple, smooth process where end users can trust that suppliers offered on our portal have been tested and meet certain criteria of standards. Along with this, we direct potential new clients to suppliers and event management companies who are searching for their specific services or products. It’s a win-win solution for both parties!


What are the main challenges that people/ businesses face while organizing their events?

We think from experience or what we have observed, one of the main challenges that many companies have is sourcing out the right suppliers for their event. Remember an event is anything without all the suppliers and businesses that put the concept to life. Many times companies or individuals putting an event together have the concept in mind (that’s usually never the issue). From the mood board, theme, entertainment ideas, etc… even down to the detail of the giveaway they want to send their guests with. The hard part is sourcing the right suppliers at the right price with specific standards of quality and service. This is where Silliss comes into place!

Moreover, another challenge is that many people putting events together don’t always know the average price for services or products in the market, which leaves them lost in putting a proper budget together. This potentially puts them in a situation where suppliers take advantage of them. Through Silliss, you will receive up to 3 quotes to compare, understanding the range of prices for items and services and rest assured that there are no mark-ups placed on any quotes sent through our portal.

How is Silliss simplifying their experience?

Instead of searching for suppliers that provide the services and products you need and sending emails, or attempting to call each one of them, you can simply put in your inquiry via our website and create a basket for all items and services needed and send it across at once. From there, the EventWiz team will direct your inquiries to suppliers that we feel best to provide you with your requirements. You will receive up to 3 quotes for each inquiry you have sent out, where you can compare proposals and prices, all while knowing that these are trusted companies, which we vouch for.  If you are happy with a proposal, you can directly book via our website or come back to us with changes or questions. At Silliss it’s all about making the process smooth and easy.

What is your modus operandi?

As mentioned we have created Silliss with the goal of making the process of sourcing trusted suppliers smooth and easy, without hiccups. We are there to assist the client through the process.

Furthermore, the main things we focus on are:

–          Constantly in the search for new companies to have on board our portal that fit the checklist of our standards (quality and service).

–          Always send out up to 3 quotes within 48 hours (excluding weekends). If there is a delay, always keep the client in the know.

–          Always help clients out with useful tips and assist them should we feel that the request would not make sense to the supplier.

Who do you mainly partner with to ensure all deliverables?

All suppliers we partner up with have to follow a set of guidelines, rules and procedures as well as quality. At the end of the day, once the client has chosen their supplier, they are put directly in contact with them. If the supplier does not deliver the needed, then it is Silliss that will receive the bad reputation by proxy. Therefore, suppliers on board represent us too and are a reflexion of our services.

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What are your expectations for your newly launched portal?

We would like this portal to facilitate the event industry and make it a “Silliss” process. We also hope that with doing so we will be able to shed light on the suppliers’ availability in the market in a way that end users will always have a great service, which they deserve, no matter whom they choose…wouldn’t that be a great thing!

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