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It’s going to be super-windy, dusty and hotter than average around town over the next few days, as temperatures in Doha climb to highs of 47C (117F), local forecasters have warned.

In a statement, the Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) forecast that the above-normal conditions will stick around from Sunday to Tuesday due to an extension of an existing pressure front over the region.

Expect temperatures to be 3 to 4C higher than normal, and windspeeds to reach up to 38 knots (70km/hour) in some parts of the country, dropping visibility significantly.

Weather warning

The MET advised residents to be cautious and avoid “venturing into the sea during periods of strong winds as well as to avoid direct sunlight.”

Even before the warning, temperatures have been climbing to dangerous levels around the country, reaching a high of 48C (118F) in southern Qatar yesterday:

🔴ترينه:أعلى درجة حرارة مسجلة اليوم في #قطر

Turayna:The highest temperature in #Qatar48 ْ C..

— أرصاد قطر (@Qatar_Weather) July 8, 2016

Previously, authorities have advised residents to minimize exposure when the weather is dusty, offering this advice:

Ensuring windows/doors are properly closed, and plugging holes and gaps in windows/doors with wet towels;
Frequently washing face, mouth and nose;
Wearing protective masks or covering nose/mouth with moist tissues to prevent dust from entering the lungs;
Avoiding rubbing the eyes vigorously;
Using antihistamines prescribed by healthcare providers if vulnerable to allergies; and
Reporting to the emergency department if breathing becomes difficult, eyes are continuously watering or in the event of coughing and asthma attacks.

How are you handling the hot weather? Thoughts?

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