Nicholas Argyrides, Mindware

Mindware has announced the appointment of Nicholas Argyrides as the IT distributor’s new Chief of Sales and Marketing and Deputy General Manager.

Argyrides previously served as the General Manager of Logicom Dubai until 2010 and as the Managing Director of EMPA Middle East, before returning back to Logicom as the Group Director of Sales and Marketing in 2013. His professional career experience mostly revolves around IT distribution across the Middle East and South Eastern Europe.

Having joined Mindware at a very crucial time, Argyrides believes that the Company’s main challenge is balancing the channel and vendor requirements in a profitable manner for the distributor. “Given the rather harsh commercial climate the region is recently undergoing, such task requires the careful handling of credit availability to the market and the close alignment with both partners and suppliers,” he said. “I am confident that, with the help of the Mindware team, I will be able to contribute my part to the future accomplishments of this fine organisation.”

Regarding the distributor’s 2017 development plans, Argyrides hinted towards both the horizontal (based on geography) and vertical (based on technologies/vendor portfolio) expansion of Mindware along with projects such as a Cloud Marketplace and Client Services also running in parallel. “It is worth noting here that the recent grim business climate in the region has been, definitely, contributing to the surfacing some significant commercial opportunities and, at Mindware, we certainly have our radars focused on a number of such prospects”, he added.


Looking ahead to the future – particularly as GITEX 2016 is just around the corner – the distributor is keen to display the new, redesigned Mindware that’s tailored to focus on solution-based selling while remaining lean and agile, thus catering for its more traditional channel business.

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