Chloe Walsh, 27, is an eyebrow artist who moved to Dubai three-and-a-half years ago. The Briton owned a beauty salon in the UK, where she qualified as an eyebrow artist, training in HD Brows and cosmetic permanent make-up. Ms Walsh has since established a lengthy list of clients in the UAE.

How did your upbringing shape your attitude towards money?

I’m from the north in the UK, where it is jokingly known that the northerners are careful with their money. My upbringing has taught me to not waste money on unnecessary items. My mum and dad always made sure my siblings and I had everything we wanted – but we weren’t spoilt. We knew money didn’t grow on trees and we saw how hard they both worked to provide us with nice things and holidays. They taught me not to take things for granted.

How much did you get paid for your first job?

About £3.50 (Dh18) an hour as a waitress at my dad’s golf club. It doesn’t seem a lot now but I was 14, so I would treat myself to a new top or something. It helped me feel slightly more independent having a little of my own money every week.

Are you a spender or saver?

A bit of both. I probably should save more and maybe put something into a pot, which I can’t touch for a number of years. I have a little pot, it’s just teaching myself not to dip into this little pot. Clothes and make-up are my two guilty pleasures. My motto is you only live once.

Have you ever had a month where you feared you could you not pay the bills?

Yes. When I first moved to ­Dubai, I found it difficult to not spend working in a mall. There were a few occasions where I had to live off beans and toast. Thankfully, I’m now on track with paying the bills and rent. I put them to one side at the beginning of every month, so I know what I have to live with.

Where do you save?

I’m always unsure of the best thing to do as an expat, so at the moment I put a little bit in the UAE and a little in the UK. I could do with sitting down with a financial adviser because it really confuses me, if I’m honest.

What is your most cherished purchase?

My little Pomeranian puppy, Ted. But he is obviously ­priceless.

Do you prefer paying by credit card or in cash?

Credit card to get my air miles. Although, it is better spending cash because you know exactly what you have to spend. Credit cards can be quite scary if you aren’t in control of them. The amount can quickly add up. As soon as I spend I log on to my mobile banking app and pay off the amount so I always know where I’m at.

What has been your best investment?

Buying a property in the UK, which I rent out and take some profit from.

What financial advice would you offer your younger self?


Start saving a little each month into a savings account that you can’t touch until you hit your 30s. Also, read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – it’s an amazing read. He teaches you not to be afraid of money.

Do you have a plan for the future?

I would definitely like children in the next few years, so I know that is going to be a big cost that I need to consider. I also want to visit a few places on my bucket list, such as New York, Los Angeles and Brazil. In the future I plan on investing in some houses to rent out. My mother has done this so I can learn from her. I also would like to buy a villa or holiday home in Ibiza to rent out and stay in the summer.

If you won Dh1 million, what would you do with it?

Treat myself and my family to a nice, relaxing holiday somewhere peaceful, and buy a holiday wardrobe to go with it. I would also give my brother and sister some to treat themselves. I would then invest in property.

What would you raid your ­savings account for?

If I didn’t have my sensible head on, a new wardrobe. Every month.

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